The ARC tech Pro Commercial device filters/ cleans dirty power entering your office or business allowing your electronics and appliances to operate more effectively and giving a longer life. 

The ARC Tech Pro Commercial is designed for ease of installation at the main service panel in single office suites and small businesses such as Dental Offices, Doctors Offices, Title Companies, Realtors, Law Firms, Engineers/Architects, Spas/Salons.

The ARC Tech Pro Commercial is provides improved energy efficiency, reduces utility costs and protects valuable electronics and appliances from transients and surge disturbances on AC power lines.

Complete Office/Business/Light Industrial Energy Efficiency Device and Surge Protection 

ARC Tech Pro Commercial

Protects All Equipment From Power Surges including: 

Energy Efficiency through current and line loss reduction providing Energy Savings of 5%-10%. Improved current quality before it reaches valuable electronics and Equipment. Installs at the Circuit Breaker Panel