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Industrial Lighting Fixtures technology is continually evolving and new developments in industrial LED lighting fixtures are occurring as well. As a business owner, facility manager, or maintenance supervisor, you may have found this website while searching for energy-efficient and better lighting. The old and inefficient HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps like Metal Halide (MH), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), or Mercury Vapor (MV) lighting systems were adequate as work area lighting in years past.

The good news is that things in the lighting industry have changed and with these new changes come improved, lighting sources such as LED and induction lighting which are more efficient, provide better lighting, and at the same time last longer. By reviewing this website, we hope you will become more knowledgeable about alternative light sources. LED fixtures are ideal in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial and industrial buildings.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures


Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are designed to operate in the environment that they were designed to operate in, be it in an assembly plant or a warehouse for storage or in a manufacturing process that involves severe fluctuations of temperature. Commercial LED lighting fixtures deliver high-end lighting solutions for different industrial needs. 

LED Lighting – Why It’s Quickly Being Embraced in industrial Lighting Retrofits

At one time, LED lighting was considered to be too costly for commercial lighting purposes but today businesses are making use of solar LED street lightsLED high bay lighting and LED outdoor area lighting as part of their energy-saving projects. With LED lighting, one can save up to 55% of energy consumption compared to HID lamps.

The high cost of energy is of course a headache for any building or industrial manager and the person who controls and manages energy better will definitely have a competitive advantage.

Most people are usually quick to assume that power tools and machinery in a warehouse or industry are the ones that consume the most energy but they are usually shocked to discover that lights are usually the culprits. Retrofitting your warehouse or building with energy-efficient lighting can go a long way in saving you huge amounts of cash with minimal upfront investments.

Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting is a favorite to many players in the industry due to its low energy consumption; this is usually due to the fact that it produces high lumens for each watt used. Apart from their energy-saving abilities, LEDs can last as long as ten times longer when compared to HID or other incandescent sources that are available in the market.

Another advantage of LED lighting systems that many operators of manufacturing plants find most attractive is the Immediate switch-on: As soon as LED lights are turned on, they immediately begin to emit a high level of light. Contrarily, it takes time for the filaments inside of conventional lighting to warm up before they begin to emit the correct level of light. Another desirable feature is even more energy savings is provided when the LED high bay lights are connected with an intelligent lighting control system utilizing Light Level Tuning, Daylight Harvesting, and Occupancy Sensing.

LED Explosion Proof Lighting, Class 1 Division 1 Fixtures

Whether high bay or wall-mounted or pole mounted, LED explosion-proof lights are designed to contain any explosion that might occur if hazardous vapors were to enter the area and ignite. These lights are also designed to cool and vent the products of this explosion to prevent the surrounding environment from exploding. The fixtures used in Class 1 hazardous locations must be able to contain an explosion as well as maintain a surface temperature lower than the ignition temperature of the surrounding hazardous atmosphere.

LED Post Top Fixtures

Decorative Post Top fixtures are used as area lighting to enhance outdoor spaces. These fixtures are available in various reproduction lighting styles, decorative styles, and architectural forms. You will find post-top lights mounted on short poles on top of walls to light pathways or on 30-foot poles to illuminate a parking lot.

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Industrial Lighting

By now you are probably wondering what type of commercial lighting you are going to buy. While selecting and buying lighting fixtures for your warehouse or commercial building, a number of factors usually come into play such as the cost, variety, and ease with which you can replace worn-out or burnt-out fixtures.

1. Cost and Replacement Lighting

Price usually plays a major role in the selection of your preferred type of lighting fixture especially if you are planning to light a large area. While looking for a company to buy these fixtures for your replacement lighting, always make sure that you find a company that is capable of providing you with lighting fixtures at different prices that fall within your company’s budget.

2. Variety-Look For A Company That Offers You Different Choices

While shopping for lighting fixtures, look for a company that provides you with a variety of fixtures so that you are able to find everything you need under one roof. You should be able to find LED post top lighting, billboard lights, cooler door lights, Class 1, Division 1 LED lighting, heliport lights, commercial light poles, LED parking lot lights and high-temperature, from one company. 

3. Availability of Lighting Fixtures in The Market

Another important factor to consider while looking for lights for your lighting project is how easy it is to locate the replacement of old fluorescent lamps and fixtures. If it is difficult to locate the replacements in the correct wattages, type shape, or fixture, then you may want to consider a different type of lighting system that is easy to find a replacement. You may also want to purchase light fixtures that don’t require a lot of labor and equipment expense to replace as it will cut down on the cost of maintenance.

Replacement lighting may seem like an uphill task to many companies that are looking for better and more energy-efficient alternatives to existing industrial lighting and as such, some decision-makers are put off by the high initial costs of a lighting retrofit project.

But when one considers the quick return on investment and the subsequent savings on energy that a company is bound to make over a short period of time, then upgrading to efficient LED lighting may be the best capital investment for your offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare, institutional or other commercial or industrial facilities.

FAQs About Industrial Light Fixtures

How to make industrial light fixtures?

Working in industrial settings can be complicated, potentially dangerous work. You need the right illumination to be safe and productive. That said, not many forms of lighting can withstand the vibrations, extreme temperatures, high steam water. That’s where industrial lighting fixtures come in.


By Steven Wilson – Published on: Jan 30, 2013 


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