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LED T8 Retrofit for Hospital Lighting serves as a fitting replacement for fluorescent tubes in hospitals for many reasons. Better use of hospital lighting could more effectively address the problems of sleep-wake disturbances, distressed mood, and pain in hospitalized patients, providing for overall better patient outcomes. Light is of special importance for people who may need to be indoors for long periods of time, either in hospitals or care homes.

Our LED T8 retrofit tubes offer superior visibility with a higher color rating index. A comfortable work environment is ensured with a range of available color temperatures and the absence of flickering and buzzing. Neptun’s T8 tubes are also compatible with sensitive machinery because they do not radiate an electromagnetic field.

Energy efficient hospital lighting requires less maintenance. The lifespan of Neptun LED T8 retrofit tubes is 70,000 hours, or around eight years when operated 24/7. This compares with a lifespan of about a year for fluorescent lamps and less than a year for incandescent lamps. Reducing replacements cuts maintenance costs. 

LED T8 Retrofit for Hospital Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit for Hospital Lighting

LED T8 Retrofit Tubes Lighting for Hospitals

LED T8 retrofit tubes offer the best opportunity to achieve high energy savings and reduce hospital operations and maintenance costs. 

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