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Cold Storage Lighting is designed to be kept to specific ranges of cold temperatures. Traditional lights such as T5/HO fluorescent lamps and HID, HPS produces heat so there is an imbalance with hot lights operating within a cold space. The performance of these fixtures increases as operating temperatures drop. LED freezer lighting fixtures can be frequently cycled on/off without impacting the longevity of the lamp source or fixture; instantly return to full intensity when activated, even in -40F chillers, and generate minimal heat compared to fluorescent or HID fixtures.

Cold Storage Lights

Brand: E-Lite
Corrosive-resistant polyester
powder coat finish; IP66; DLC
Op. Temperature:-45°C to +50°C
up to 45,000 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

Cold Storage Lighting

4 Bay
Brand: G-Comin
Modules rotate up to 200 degrees;
Op.Temperature of -40C ~55C;
up to 76,800 lumens;
Prices start at $400.

Cold Storage Lighting

Brand: FY
NSF Linear High Bay
Food, Splash, Non-Food Zones;
1500 PSI Hose Down,
Operating Temp: -40C to 55C;
Prices start at $300.

Cold Storage Lighting

Brand: Atlas
NSF Industrial LED Linear
Wet Location; Tri-Proof; 
NEMA4X, IP65, IP66 & IP67,
IP69K,(2ft only), NSF,
1500 PSI Hose Down,
UL, cUL, DLC; 2ft and 4ft;
Made in USA;
Prices start at $400.

Sub-zero Storage Lighting

Brand: Altech
the premium replacement for all your 
HID and Fluorescent cold storage lights;
Operating Temp. -40° F to 150° F;
UL, DLC 4.2, FCC, CE, RoHS;
Dimmable with motion sensor optional;
Waterproof High Bay with glass lens,
up to 54,400 lumens at 320W;
Prices start at $268. LED Pros Choice
LED Industrial Lighting

Cold Storage Lighting

Brand: G-Comin
 high-pressure, water, steam resistant;
for the needs of the food processing
and pharmaceutical industries,
Op.Temp: -40C ~55C; IP69K
up to 38,400 lumens @ 240W;
Prices start at $300.

Cold Storage Lighting

Brand: Altech
LED Vapor Tight 4ft;
Op. temp.-40°C to +130°C;
IP67; waterproof, dustproof;
6,780 Lumens@60W;
DLC; 40/60W.
Prices start at $200. 

Cold Storage Lighting

Brand: Ledsion
Tri-Proof  4ft; IP65
Water-proof, Dust-proof,
Damp-proof, Pressure-proof;
-30°C to +60°C;
connected in a series;
180-degree beam angle;
5,000 lumens @ 50W;
Prices start at $225.
LED Industrial Lighting

Cold Storage Lighting

Brand: Crystal
LED Vapor Tight 4ft
food processing facilities
Op.temp.-30°C to +60°C;
IP67; waterproof, dustproof;
5.545 lumens @ 56W;
DLC; Made in USA;
Availble 40W, 56W.
Prices start at $300. 

Cold Storage Lighting is designed to operate in certain temperature ranges that are optimal for the specific equipment. Generally, temperatures should not exceed 40°F (4°C) or dip below -20°F (-29°C). The use of cold storage fixtures also requires the use of a temperature-controlled environment. This is necessary to ensure the longevity and performance of the lighting system. Cold temperatures can reduce the potential for electrical shocks and minimize the risk of fire hazards.

Frozen storage lighting fixtures are designed to be energy efficient and produce a high quality of light. Lighting that is designed specifically for cold storage applications can be used in places such as storage warehouses, freezers, and cold rooms. These lighting fixtures are also suitable for outdoor areas which may require a lower temperature environment. Frozen storage lighting fixtures are typically available in LED or fluorescent technologies.

LED lighting fixtures are highly efficient and generate high quality illumination. LED lighting is also known to generate a low amount of heat and is more durable than other lighting sources. LED lights are suitable for cold storage applications due to their low temperature operation and lower energy consumption.

Freezer lighting fixtures should be chosen based on the specific temperature requirements or environment in which they will be used. They should also be chosen based on the lumens they produce and their energy efficiency. Choosing the right sub-zero storage lighting fixtures can ensure that the lighting system is efficient and effective in its purpose.

Finally, it is important to consider the type of controls necessary for the cold storage lighting system. Specialized controls, such as motion sensors, timers, or dimmers. These controls help to conserve energy by only providing light to the area when it is needed. In addition, many cold storage lighting systems are designed to work with timers, allowing the lights to be turned on or off at predetermined times. NSF Certified LED Lighting,

Sub Zero Storage Lighting

FAQs About Cold Storage Lighting

Cold storage lighting presents a unique challenge for facility managers. Unlike traditional office buildings, cold storage areas require a special type of lighting system that can operate in extremely cold temperatures. Here are some frequently asked questions about frozen storage lighting:

Q1: What types of lighting are available for cold storage areas?
A1: There are several types of lighting that can be used in frozen storage areas, including fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID), and LED lighting. Fluorescent lighting is often the most cost-effective option for freezers, while HID and LED lights provide more powerful, longer-lasting illumination. LEDs are the most energy-efficient option, but they can be more expensive than other types of lighting. It is important to keep in mind that different types of lighting may require special fixtures and wiring in order to work in a cold storage area.

Q2: What challenges does frozen storage lighting present?
A2: Cold storage lighting presents several challenges, including the need for lighting fixtures and wiring that can withstand extremely cold temperatures. The fixtures must also be able to protect any electrical components from the cold. There are also challenges with getting the lighting to the desired level of brightness and keeping it consistent throughout the cold storage area. Additionally, many sub-zero storage facilities also require lighting that is “white” or “daylight” in color—this type of lighting is generally more expensive than other types of lighting and may require more advanced fixtures and wiring.

Q3: What safety considerations should be taken into account when selecting frozen storage lighting?
A3: Freezer lighting must meet all applicable safety codes, and should be certified for extreme cold temperatures

Q4: What is the operating temperature of cold storage LED lights?A4: Ideally, lighting fixtures in a sub-zero storage freezer operate at -40C to 55C

The Importance of Having Cold Storage Lighting for Cold Storage Facilities
Sub=Zero Storage Lighting

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