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Optimize your cold storage lighting with our range of coolroom lights designed specifically for low-temperature environments. Our cool room LED light fittings provide reliable, energy-efficient illumination, ensuring the safety and productivity of your cold storage facilities while reducing maintenance costs.

Brand: E-Lite
Corrosive-resistant; IP66
Op. Temp:-45°C to +50°C; DLC; up to 45,000 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

4 Bay
Brand: G-Comin
Modules rotate up to 200 degrees; Op.Temperature of -40C ~55C; up to 76,800 lumens;  100/150/200/240/300/400/480W; Prices start at $400.

Brand: FY
NSF Linear High Bay
Food, Splash, Non-Food Zones; NEMA4X, IP69K, NSF, 1500 PSI Hose Down, Op. Temp: -40C to 55C; UL, CE, DLC;
Prices start at $300.

Brand: Atlas
NSF Industrial LED Linear
Wet Location; Tri-Proof; 
NEMA4X, IP65, IP66 & IP67,
IP69K,(2ft only), NSF,
1500 PSI Hose Down,
UL, cUL, DLC; 2ft and 4ft;
Made in USA; 76/98/130/190W.
Prices start at $400.

Brand: Altech
premium cold storage lights;
Op. Temp. -40° F to 150° F;
UL, DLC 4.2, up to 54,400 lumens; LED Pros Choice;
Prices start at $268. 

Brand: G-Comin
 high-pressure, water, steam resistant; Op.Temp: -40C ~55C; IP69K; up to 38,400 lumens 
Prices start at $300.

Brand: Altech
LED Vapor Tight 4ft;
Op. temp.-40°C to +130°C;
IP67; waterproof, dustproof;
6,780 Lumens; DLC; 40/60W.
Prices start at $200. 

Brand: Ledsion
Tri-Proof  4ft; IP65
Water-proof, Dust-proof, Damp-proof, -30°C to +60°C;
connected in a series; 180-degree beam angle; 5,000 lumens; UL, CUL, DLC;
Prices start at $225.

Brand: Crystal
LED Vapor Tight 4ft
food processing facilities; Op.temp.-30°C to +60°C;
IP67; waterproof, dustproof;
5.545 lumens; DLC; Made in USA; 40/ 56W.
Prices start at $300

The Challenges of Lighting in Cold Storage Environments

Lighting in cold storage environments presents unique challenges due to the low temperatures, humidity, and condensation. Traditional light sources often fail prematurely or provide inadequate illumination in these conditions. Specialized coolroom lights are designed to overcome these challenges, offering reliable performance and energy efficiency in demanding cold storage applications. Read more about Why Cold Storage Lights here.

The Benefits of Cool Room LED Lighting

Upgrading to LED technology for your cold storage lighting offers several advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: Cool room LED lights consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced heat output.
  • Extended Lifespan: With a longer operational life, coolroom LED lighting requires fewer replacements, minimizing maintenance requirements and reducing the need for personnel to enter cold storage areas.
  • Improved Illumination: Cool room LED light fittings provide bright, uniform illumination, enhancing visibility and safety for workers in cold storage environments.
  • Instant-On Functionality: LED lights achieve full brightness instantly, even in low temperatures, ensuring reliable illumination without warm-up time.
  • Moisture Resistance: Cool room LED lighting fixtures are designed with robust, moisture-resistant construction, making them suitable for the high humidity levels found in cold storage facilities. Read more about The Importance of Having Cold Storage Lighting for Cold Storage Facilities here

Applications for Cool Room Lighting

Cool room lights are essential in various cold storage applications, including:

  • Refrigerated Warehouses: Ensure proper illumination in large-scale cold storage facilities for efficient inventory management and order fulfillment.
  • Walk-In Coolers and Freezers: Provide reliable lighting in commercial kitchen coolers and freezers for food storage and preparation.
  • Industrial Freezers: Illuminate industrial freezing processes and storage areas in food processing and manufacturing facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical Cold Storage: Maintain appropriate lighting in temperature-controlled pharmaceutical storage areas to ensure product integrity.
  • Cold Storage Transportation: Provide reliable lighting in refrigerated trucks and shipping containers for safe and efficient loading and unloading.

Selecting the Right Cool Room LED Light Fittings

When choosing coolroom lights for your cold storage facility, consider the following factors:

  • Temperature Rating: Ensure that the LED fixtures are rated for operation in the specific temperature range of your cold storage environment.
  • Lumen Output: Select cool room LED lights with sufficient lumen output to provide the necessary illumination levels for your application.
  • Energy Efficiency: Opt for coolroom lights with high lumens per watt (lm/W) ratings to maximize energy savings.
  • Mounting Options: Consider the available mounting configurations, such as surface, pendant, or recessed mounting, to suit your facility’s layout and requirements.
  • IP Rating: Choose cool room lighting fixtures with an appropriate Ingress Protection (IP) rating to ensure resistance to moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.

Groundbreaking Advancements in Cold Storage Illumination

As technology progresses, so do the options for efficient and effective cold storage warehouse lighting. Consider these revolutionary approaches:

  1. Intelligent Motion Sensors: By implementing advanced motion detection technology, lights can be programmed to illuminate only when activity is present in the vicinity. This targeted approach significantly reduces energy consumption during periods of inactivity, leading to substantial cost savings over time.
  2. Integrated Smart Lighting Networks: The advent of smart lighting systems has ushered in a new era of remote management capabilities. These sophisticated networks allow for precise control over individual fixtures or entire zones, enabling customized lighting schemes based on operational requirements or daylight availability. By optimizing light levels in real-time, energy waste is minimized without compromising on visibility or safety.
  3. Specialized High Bay LED Fixtures: Cold storage facilities often feature soaring ceilings that pose unique lighting challenges. To address this, manufacturers have developed cutting-edge high bay LED fixtures specifically engineered for elevated mounting heights. These powerful luminaires deliver exceptional lumen output while consuming a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting solutions. The result is a brightly lit environment that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for performance.

Optimize Your Cold Storage Lighting with Our Coolroom LED Solutions

Discover our selection of coolroom lights, designed to provide reliable, energy-efficient illumination in demanding cold storage environments. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal cool room lighting solution to meet your facility’s unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and enhance the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your cold storage operations.

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