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Shop LED lights. When it comes to lighting, the key is efficiency; and LED lights are a great way to go when it comes to conservation, cost-effectiveness, and long-term reliability. As a business that understands the importance of saving money, you know that reducing energy costs and maintaining a secure, safe environment are both essential for success. That’s why it’s important to purchase quality LED lighting for your commercial and industrial lighting fixtures.

LED light fixtures are becoming increasingly prevalent in many businesses due to their energy-saving capabilities, longer life expectancy, and superior performance. Not only do these fixtures reduce energy costs, but their superior performance and durability make them a great option for a variety of commercial and industrial settings.


All In One Solar Flood Lights

All In One Solar Garden Lights

All In One Solar Street Lights

Bell Shaped Outdoor Lighting

Clam Shell Pole Base Covers

Class 1 Division 1 LED Lighting 

Class 1 Division 2 LED Lighting 

Cold Storage Lighting

Dark Sky Friendly Compliance

Decorative Light Poles and Base Covers

Emergency LED Exit Signs 

LED 2×2 Troffer 

LED Above Water Fishing Lights 

LED Acorn Post Top Lighting

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

Shop LED Commercial, Industrial Lights, Light Poles

LED Architectural Area Lighting 

LED Architectural Post Top Lighting 

LED Architectural Indoor Lighting

LED Area Lights

LED Billboard Lights

LED Bollard Lights

LED Bulkhead Lights

LED Canopy Lighting

LED Cooler Door Lights

LED Commercial Recessed Downlights 

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

LED Courtyard Post Lighting


LED Drop Ceiling Lights 

LED Explosion Proof Exit Signs

LED Explosion Proof Flood Lighting

LED Explosion Proof High Bay Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Linear Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Street Lights

LED Explosion Proof Vapor Tight Jelly Jar

LED Facade Lighting

LED Flood Lights

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

LED Heliport Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Temperature High Bay Lighting

LED High Mast Lighting

LED Horticultural Lighting Systems 

LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures

LED Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

LED Light Bulbs 

LED Linear High Bay 

LED Linear Strip Lights 

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Marine Navigation Lights

LED Outdoor Security Light 

LED Parking Garage Lighting 

LED Parking Lot Lights 

Shop LED Commercial, Industrial Lights, Light Poles

LED PL Lamps

LED Portable Work Lights

LED Post Top Fixtures 

LED Post Top Lanterns 

LED Post Top Retrofit Kits

LED Pyramid Corn Cob Light

LED Recessed Lighting

LED Retrofit Kits 

LED Rope Light

LED Searchlights 

LED Sign Lighting

LED Sign Lighting Tubes

LED Solar Bollard Lights

LED Solar Street Lights

LED Sports Lighting 

LED Street Lights

LED Strip Lights 

LED T8 Tubes

LED Troffers

LED U Bend Tubes

LED Vapor Tight Linear Lighting

Shop LED Commercial, Industrial Lights, Light Poles

LED Vapor Tight Jelly Jars

LED Wall Pack

LED Wall Sconces

Lighting Level Recommendations

Light Poles

Mobile Solar LED Light Towers

NSF Certified LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Retrofit Kits

Outdoor LED Wall Mount Fixtures 

Outdoor Marine Nautical Lighting

RGB LED Lights

Solar Billboard Lighting

Solar Flashing Traffic Beacons

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems

Solar Wall Pack Lights 

Step Lights 

The 330FAL Collection

The 5001 Collection

The ASTRAL Column Collection

The BELL Collection 

The Creo Collection

The JANUS Collection 

The ODIN Collection

The Pulsar Collection

Top 5 LED Parking Lot Lights

Top 5 LED Post Top Fixtures

Tunnel Lights

Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting

Shop LED Commercial, Industrial Lights, Light Poles


From light poles to security lighting, LED lights have proven to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional outdoor lighting. Whether you’re looking for light fixtures for a small business or a large industrial complex, you can find the perfect lighting solution with the latest LED technology.

Whether you’re looking for lighting for commercial use, industrial use, or residential use, here you’ll find a great selection of quality, efficient, and innovative LED lights at competitive prices. Whether you need a simple LED lamp for your office or a heavy-duty LED floodlight for an industrial building, you’ll find the perfect product for your needs.

With the ability to shop online, you can easily find the right fixture for your specific application. From area lighting to industrial work lights, you’re sure to find something that meets your exact requirements. Get the best LED lights for your commercial and industrial light fixtures today and start saving on energy costs right away.

At LED Pros Worldwide we aim to make conditions safer for all involved. We have many industrial lighting fixtures that you can select from that meet or exceed the standards that exist today so that you can outfit your facility with whatever you may need. Look at the selection we have available on our website so you can see what fits your business the best.

We provide thorough descriptions and product specifications for you so you can understand what each fixture offers. If you have any questions or you would like a price quote or want to place an order with us, please call us toll-free at (844) 533-7767 and speak with one of our representatives. We will be glad to assist you and offer you any recommendations you may need so you get the safest lighting.



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