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Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems are an efficient means to provide lighting without the need for standard utility power. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation or in areas where existing utility lines do not exist. These commercial outdoor solar LED lighting systems feature a long life, fully rechargeable unit that allows for complete OFF GRID operation. The exceptional storage system allows for up to 3 days of continuous illumination without a single recharge! see Which Solar Lighting Solutions Will Suit My Industrial Setting?

Applications include Solar LED Street Lighting, Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting,  Solar LED Sign Lighting,  Solar Billboard Lights, LED Solar Bollard Lights, Solar LED Wall Lights, Solar LED Post Top Lights, and more. Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems come complete to run the specified solar light fixture. By avoiding costly trenching, wiring and electrical connection, solar powered LED lighting systems can be installed for less than the cost of traditional on-grid systems.

Example: Solar powered LED lighting systems for 100W LED fixture. Includes 300W PPV Solar Panel, 180Ah 24VDC LFP Battery system, all mounting hardware, and wiring.

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Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems – Streetlights by Ledsion 

Solar intelligent Smart LED Street lights use a Mono-crystalline solar panel, LED lights, lithium battery, intelligent controller integrated Aluminum Alloy shell. All in one. Motion sensor and light sensor built-in: LED goes on at dusk of 50% brightness. and go from 50% brightness to 100% when motion is detected. For Remote Areas mounted on 12-16Ft Lighting Poles, No Need Cable, No Electricity. Deep Cycle Battery, Charge, And Discharge Over 500 Times. Can Work 3-4 Continuous Rainy Days At Intelligent Mode. available in 50/70W. Prices start at $

LED Solar Street Lights

LED Solar Street Lights – Sunlike by Soltech

off-grid lighting solution, low-profile, all-in-one, fully-integrated design operating temperature -4 °F to 122 °F; Lumileds 5050; IP65; up to 9,000 Lumens; available in 8/20/30/50W; BAA version available, please specify; Prices start at $

all in one solar flood light

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems – Flood Light by Ledsolway

All-in-One Solar flood light features a 100W solar panel, lithium battery, MPPT chrge controller; LED Flood Light up to 15,000 lumens @ 300W; available in 10/30/50/80/100/200/300; Prices start at $



Off Grid Operation

Solar Powered LED Lighting Systems by Neptun include all of the necessary components for a complete, quick and hassle-free installation, including: High-efficiency solar panels, Solar panel mounting hardware, Batteries & Charge controllers, LED light fixtures.

System kits allow you to have a turn-key solution for quick and easy installation. What’s in a system? Solar Panels these are best placed facing south. They can be mounted on a roof, on a pole, or on the ground in an area clear of shadows; Batteries are what store the power your off-grid system creates. This allows you to have power at night when the sun is down. Solar Charge Controller – Intelligent PWM Charge/Discharge Controller is optimized to extend the life of the batteries. Your choice of solar compatible Induction or LED lighting fixture.

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