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Lighting Level Recommendations uses uses published recommended illuminance levels for a multitude of tasks and facility types from the Illuminating Engineering Society to demonstrate how to light a room. Following are the current recommended Illuminance categories and Illuminance values for lighting design. A general light level guide for businesses, facility managers, etc. Individual applications will determine exact foot-candle levels. Please refer to the IES Lighting Handbook for more detailed evaluation. see What to Know Before Purchasing Commercial Industrial Lighting

The amount of light falling on a surface is “illuminance”, and is measured in lux (metric unit = lumen/m2) or foot-candles (English unit = lumen/ft2). 1 footcandle equals 10.8 lux. This is the measurement you’ll work with the most for optimizing visual comfort because building regulations and standards use illuminance to specify the minimum light levels for specific tasks and environments. Besides the quantity, lighting should also be evaluated in terms of it’s quality, i.e. freedom from glare, shadows and correct distribution.

From Wikipedia “A foot-candle is a unit of illuminance or light intensity widely used in the lighting industry. The name “footcandle” conveys “the illuminance cast on a surface by a one-candela source one foot away.”

Lighting Level Recommendations

Application – Foot-Candle Level

Aircraft Hangar 75-100

Assembly/Packaging – Medium 50-70

Assembly/Packaging – Fine 75-100

Auto Service Garage 60-80

Auto Showroom 50-80

Body Shop 80-120

Church 20-25

Cooler or Cold Storage Room 10-30

Engineering and Drafting 50-125

Food Processing 50-100

Foundry 40-60

Gymnasium Lighting – Recreational 30

Gymnasium Lighting – Elementary or Club 50

Gymnasium Lighting – High School 80

Hockey – Recreational 20-50

Hockey – Professional 50-100

Horse Riding Arena 25-50

Loading Dock 30-50

Machine Shop – Rough Detail 50-75

Machine Shop – Medium Detail 75-100

Machine Shop – Fine Detail 100-200

Manufacturing – Rough Detail 50-75

Manufacturing – Medium Detail 75-100

Manufacturing – Fine Detail 100-150

Multipurpose Room 30-75

Office 60-75

Parking Garage 15-30

Retail – Average 50-80

Retail – Super Center 80-120

Swimming Pool – Recreational 50

Swimming Pool – Club 75

Swimming Pool – Tournament 100

Warehouse – Active 20-30

Warehouse – Inactive 15-20

Woodworking Shop 60-80



led lighting idas tavern-Lighting Level Recommendations


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