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One of the most significant benefits of decorative, high-performance architectural area lighting is the ability to highlight the unique architectural features of a community. Whether it’s highlighting the grand entrance of a gated community or accentuating the intricate details of a luxury residential building, well-placed lighting fixtures can bring out the best in any architectural design. Additionally, the use of different lighting techniques such as uplighting, downlighting, and grazing can create dramatic effects, adding depth and dimension to the overall landscape.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Pulsar series
Brand: Crystal
Architectural Post Mount
Luminaire; Walkways,
Perimeters, Campuses,
Parking Lots, Parks;
Dark Sky Friendly Compliance;
10 Year warranty;
Prices Start at $550.

Architectural Area Lighting

Brand: Crystal
architectural outdoor fixtures
Heavy Duty Aluminum Body,
Clear Tempered Glass;
Dark Sky Compliant;
10-year warranty;
Suitable for wet locations;
Prices start at $550.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Brand: Crystal
Sophisticated and unique design,
this large luminaire is ideal for
illuminating entrances, walkways
and campus areas. 49 1/2″ height;
Available in 20/40/50/60/70W;
Prices start at $450.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Brand: Crystal
LED post top luminaire
with a distinctive design;
Available in 35/75/90/120W;
Prices start at $500.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Brand YaoRong
Post Top LED area light
for parking lots, plaza lighting,
shopping mall, garden, roadway,
DLC Listed; IP65; Dimmable
up to 30,250 lumens; ; a
Prices start at $328.
LED Post Top Fixtures by YaoRong

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Brand: Crystal
A premium luminaire;
up to 17,951 lumens
a 10-year warranty.
Prices Start at $500.

Exterior Architectural Lighting

Brand: Crystal
in a historical design;
wide light distribution;
Dark Sky Compliant;
Two sizes – 18″ and 29″
Post Top, Wall, Pendant Mount;
Prices start at $400.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

205B series
Brand: Crystal
The Teardrop luminaire
post or pendant mount,
Small or Large versions;
up to 15,561 lumens @ 105W;
Prices start at $500.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Bell series
Brand: Crystal
 20″ Medium, 25″ Large
Prices start at $600.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Aurora Bell
Brand: Crystal
architectural area lighting
20″ Bell luminaire
Prices start at $748.

Architectural Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Mission Bell
Brand: Crystal
architectural area lighting
25″ Bell Luminaire
designed for roadway lighting;
mast arms – 48″, 60″, 72″;
Prices start at $1000.

Architectural, Decorative Arms for Area Lighting Fixtures

Decorative Arms
Brand: Crystal
Single, Double, Wall Mount
decorative arms;
Made In USA
Prices start at $300.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

5001 series
Brand: Crystal
Dark Sky compliant;
includes a 10-year warranty;
up to 24,500l lumens @ 200W;
25/45/55/65/ 80/200W.
Prices start at $350.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Astral series
Brand: Crystal
The Astral Column Collection
Modern architectural LED
column design combines, style
and security; column lighting fixture
ideal for walkways, campuses;
Heights; 3 ft, 6 1/2 ft, 7 1/2 ft;
8 1/2 ft; 10 1/2 ft; 12 1/2 ft;
Prices Start at $500.

Architectural Outdoor Lighting

Astral II series
Brand: Crystal
modern architectural LED
column design combines, style
and security; column lighting fixture
Heights; 3 ft, 6ft, 7ft; 8ft; 10ft; 12ft;
available in 20/40/60/80/100W;
Prices Start at $500.

LED Architectural Area Lighting

Creo series
Brand: Crystal
modern architectural LED
area light combines, style and
security; small area light and
Bollards are ideal for Walkways
and Accenting the Exterior Grounds
Pole heights; 10 ft and 12ft;
Single or Double heads; 
available in 15/20/30/40/50W;
Prices Start at $500.

Another important aspect of outdoor luxury lighting is its role in creating a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors. Well-lit pathways, parking areas, and common spaces not only deter potential criminals but also provide a sense of comfort and peace of mind. By strategically placing lighting fixtures in these areas, upscale communities can ensure the safety of their residents while maintaining a welcoming ambiance. see How Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Improves Parking Lot Safety

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards energy-efficient lighting solutions in outdoor lighting. LED technology has emerged as a game-changer in this field, offering benefits such as reduced energy consumption, longer lifespan, and enhanced control options. With LED lighting, upscale communities can achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint while still enjoying stunning lighting displays.

Moreover, upscale lighting allows communities to create unique and memorable experiences for their residents and visitors. From themed lighting displays during festive seasons to customized lighting scenes for special events, these upscale communities can transform their outdoor spaces into enchanting settings. The versatility of modern lighting systems allows for easy customization and control, ensuring that every occasion is celebrated in style. LED Architectural Post Top Lighting

When it comes to selecting the right lighting fixtures for upscale communities, there are various factors to consider. The quality of the materials used, the design aesthetics, and the durability of the fixtures are all crucial aspects that should be taken into account. Additionally, working with experienced lighting designers and consultants can help ensure that the lighting design aligns with the overall vision of the community and meets the specific needs of its residents.

decorative, high performance outdoor architectural lighting


Things To Know About Architectural Lighting

Decorative, high performance outdoor architectural lighting is a practical and stylish way to add a unique look to your outdoor living space. Commonly used to illuminate outdoor pathways, gardens, and other outdoor areas, outdoor decorative lighting fixtures can also be used to accentuate architectural features, provide security, or simply add a bit of style and ambiance to any outdoor area. “Whenever performance, reliability and appearance are paramount, choose LED architectural lighting.”

Q1. What are the different types of outdoor luxury lighting?
A1. There are various types of decorative outdoor architectural lighting to choose from. These include in-ground or post fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, accent lighting, landscape lighting, spotlights, and floodlights. Depending on the type of project you are working on, you can pick the type of lighting that best suits your needs.

Q: What style of outdoor decorative lighting is best for my space?
A: The type of decorative, high performance outdoor architectural lighting that is best for your space will depend on your overall aesthetic and the purpose of the lighting. For example, spotlights are great for accentuating certain architectural features, while pathway lighting can be used to brighten up a walkway or garden.

Q3. What are the best materials for outdoor luxury lighting?
A3. The best materials for decorative outdoor architectural lighting are high-quality metals such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. It is important to use materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions, as these lights will be exposed to the elements. Additionally, it is important to select fixtures that are resistant to corrosion, rust, and other forms of damage.

Q4. What features should I look for in an upscale luminaire?
A4. Here at LED Pros WorldWide, we highly recommend the architectural luminaires manufactured by Crystal Lighting. These fixtures are Made in the USA and made to order. With an industry-leading 10-year warranty, you can be assured the highest quality components are used in your outdoor fixtures.


LED Architectural Area Lighting – Bell by Crystal


At LED Pros Worldwide, we can supply you with everything you may need so that you can have the lights that perform well, last for a long time, and give you the safe and secure environment patrons want the most. You can find out more about industrial lighting fixtures and see all the choices we have available for you when you come to our website and look at our selection. You will find that all our products are expertly crafted and provide you with the energy-saving and efficient alternatives you want most. When you are ready to place an order, or if you have any questions about your lighting needs, just call us at 844) 533-7767 and we will be glad to assist you.

By Steven Wilson – First Published on: Nov 3, 2018


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