LED Searchlights

LED Searchlights are high powered, long distance spotlights used in border security, for search and rescue operations and marine navigation. Long range LED searchlights have an excellent focused beam, with nearly parallel beams of light with a range of up to 3000 meters. A perfect solution for applications where high visibility with a small spot is needed. These super bright LED searchlights are ideal for large outdoor area and scene lighting, coast guard and naval operations. LED searchlights are powered by high output lamp systems and specially designed optics to shoot super-bright thick beams of light into the air that pierces through the night and low lighting conditions. 

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LED Searchlights

LED Searchlights

LED Searchlights – MD Type

Long distance spotlight, Manual operation – directly operated at the light fixture; Up to 16, 080 Lumens; 15.5″ x 18.4″; Available in 75/100/150/180/240W; Prices start at $

LED Searchlights

LED Searchlights  – EC Type

Long range searchlight, Electrical operation – operated by control panel and remote controller;Up to 16, 080 Lumens; 14.5″ in width; Available in 75/100/150/180/240W; Prices start at $

LED Searchlights

LED Searchlights – MC

High power searchlight, Manual operation – with adjustment column operable within the wheelhouse; Up to 16, 080 Lumens; Column height at 48″ ; Available in 75/100/150/180/240W; Prices start at $



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