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Discover our range of high temperature high bay LED lighting fixtures, designed to provide reliable illumination in challenging industrial environments. These durable luminaires deliver excellent performance and energy efficiency, even in spaces with elevated ambient temperatures.

Brand: E-Lite
op. temp. -30 to 80°C; up to 63,000 
lumens; 50/100/150/
200/300/450W. LED Pros Choice; Prices start at $300. 

HB series
Brand: Venas
158°F (70°C); Up to 90,000 lumens; 100/150/200/ 300/400/450/600W.
Prices start at $300. 

Brand: AOK
op. temp.-40 to 65°C
0-10V dimming; up to 22,500 lumens; 100/150W;
Prices start at $300. 

High Temperature High Bay Lighting: Engineered for Extreme Conditions

In industrial facilities with high ambient temperatures, such as steel mills, foundries, and glass manufacturing plants, standard lighting fixtures may not withstand the harsh environment. High temperature high bay lights are specifically designed to operate reliably in these demanding conditions, ensuring consistent illumination and minimizing maintenance requirements. Read more about Lighting Up the Industrial World: The Brilliance of LED High Temperature High Bay Lighting here.

The Benefits of High Temperature High Bay LED Lighting

Upgrading to LED technology for your heat resistant led lights offers several advantages:

  • Heat Resistance: LED high bay lights are designed with advanced heat dissipation systems, allowing them to withstand higher ambient temperatures compared to traditional lighting solutions.
  • Energy Efficiency: High temperature high bay LED lighting consumes less energy than conventional alternatives, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.
  • Extended Lifespan: With a longer operational life than traditional light sources, LED high bay fixtures require less frequent replacements, minimizing maintenance disruptions in challenging environments.
  • Improved Illumination: Heat resistant led lights deliver bright, uniform illumination, enhancing visibility and safety in industrial spaces.
  • Durable Construction: Designed with rugged housings and tempered glass lenses, high temperature high bay lighting fixtures can withstand the rigors of industrial environments, including wet locations.

Applications for High Temperature High Bay Lighting

High temperature high bay lights are essential in various industrial settings, including:

  • Steel Mills and Foundries: Illuminate extreme heat environments with purpose-built heat resistant LED solutions.
  • Glass Manufacturing: Ensure consistent lighting performance in facilities with elevated ambient temperatures using heat-resistant LED high bay fixtures.
  • Power Plants: Maintain reliable illumination in boiler rooms and turbine halls with high temperature high bay lights designed for demanding conditions.
  • Pulp and Paper Mills: Provide suitable lighting in areas with high heat and humidity using moisture-resistant high temperature high bay lighting fixtures.
  • Forging and Casting Operations: Enhance visibility and safety in high-temperature workspaces with industrial-grade LED high bay lights.

Selecting the Right High Temperature Lights

When choosing high temperature high bay lighting for your facility, consider the following factors:

  • Operating Temperature Range: Ensure that the fixtures are rated for the maximum ambient temperature expected in your specific application.
  • Lumen Output: Select high temperature high bay lights with sufficient lumen output to provide the desired illumination levels in your space.
  • Energy Efficiency: Opt for LED high bay fixtures with high luminous efficacy to maximize energy savings and minimize heat generation.
  • Mounting Options: Consider the available mounting configurations, such as pendant, surface, or recessed, to suit your facility’s layout and requirements.
  • Quality and Certification: Choose heat resistant LED lights from reputable manufacturers that adhere to relevant safety standards and certifications.

FAQs About High Temp Lights

Q1) What is a high temperature LED light?
A1): A high temperature LED light solution is an LED light that is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 125°C. This makes them ideal for outdoor or industrial applications that experience extreme temperatures 

Q2) What are the benefits of using high temperature LED lights?
A3) Intense heat fixtures offer a number of advantages over traditional light sources. They are energy efficient, with up to 90% efficiency in comparison to traditional light bulbs. They also produce very little heat, making them ideal for applications where heat is an issue. 

Q4) What kind of applications are best suited to high temperature LED lights?
A4) Intense heat lights are well suited to extreme temperature environments such as oil rigs and refineries. Read more about Lighting Up the Heat: The Brilliance of LED Industrial Lighting in Extreme Temperatures here.

Q5) What are the drawbacks of using high temperature LED lights?
A5) Although these type of lights are generally safe and effective, they can be expensive. They also may not be as bright as traditional light bulbs, and some users may experience eye strain due to the increased intensity of the

Q6) What is a high ambient temperature for LED lights?
A6) High Temp LED lights are designed to accommodate temperatures up to 80°C (176°F)

Q7) Do LED shop lights work in high temps?
A7) The maximum operating temperature for most LED lights is range from 40°C to 55°C or (131°F)

Q8) Are LED lights heat resistant?
A8) LEDs perform best in cold environments. Extreme heat will lower the performance and lifespan of the LED fixture. The typical operating temperature is -40°F to 130°F

Elevate Your Lighting with Our High Temperature High Bay LED Solutions

Explore our selection of high temperature high bay lights, designed to deliver reliable, efficient illumination in the most demanding industrial environments. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal lighting solution for your unique application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and take the first step towards optimizing your facility’s lighting performance.


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