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RGB LED Lights are ideal for wall washing, enhancing building facades with decorative lighting; team colors, Holiday lighting, etc. These LED lights feature customizable mounting, coloring, and controls for easy installation and low hassle. Going beyond the basics with endless color possibilities. Single color and color-changing LED lights deliver high-intensity intelligent colored light in a range of beam angles, from narrow to wide, for a variety of effects and light distribution.

What are RGB LED Lights?

RGB LED means red, blue and green LEDs. RGB LED Lights combine these three colors to produce over 16 million hues of light. Great for casting vibrant colors onto large architectural façades, structures, and monuments, or to light up interior walls or large outdoor areas. 

Commercial RGB LED flood lights can be used in many different applications and situations, including in the outdoor spaces of restaurants, hotels, and shops. They lend a warm and inviting ambiance to these places. RGB floodlights are a versatile choice that’s easy to incorporate into outdoor spaces, large and small.

Custom Color RGB LED controller allows for an endless range of custom colors and brightness levels when used with RGB LED strip lights and RGB LED luminaires. High Power LEDs for Indoor/Outdoor use and Color control available via standard DMX or built-in color settings support a variety of light distributions for a multitude of applications, including spotlighting, wall grazing, and asymmetric wall washing. 

RGB LED Lights

RGB LED Lights

RGB LED Lights-T400A

RGBW Flood Lights provides a total of 16 million colors allowing you to get the exact color; features Remote and APP controls – Two solutions to achieve RGBW dynamic color effects, including brightness adjustment, and speed adjustment; Multiple modes, flash, timing, music color change mode; available in 50/100/150/200/300/400/600W. LED Pros Choice; Prices start at $

RGB LED Lights

LED Facade Lighting-Oak

featuring anti-glare optics, multiple beam angles, DMX Enabled, DMX512 controller, Wireless Remote control, Wifi control, IP67 rated; Certifications – ETL,cETL ; Lengths range 11 inches for the 50W to 56 inches for the 800/1000W; available in 50/100/150/180/200/250/300/400/500/600/700/800/1000W; Prices start at $

RGB LED Lights

RGB LED Light-Oak

Featuring Independent control of each color, Compact modular; Beam angle 10,25,40,60, 90 optional; Intelligent DMX 512 generic dimming; All different colors can be produced in RGB format; IP66 waterproof; Available in 100W/120/200W/240/300W/500W/600W/1000W; Suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Prices start at $ 

RGB LED Lights

RGB LED Lighting-5BF

Bullet Flood Light; Color and brightness are controlled through the app or the remote; DC12V/ DC24V/ AC12V; Available in 22°, 35°, and 57° Excellent thermal management for long life; IP65 rated for both outdoor and indoor use; ½” NPT threaded arm with locking swivel Available in 6/12/30W; Prices start at $ 

RGB LED Rope Lights

RGB LED Rope Light

RGB Color Changing Strip Lights featuring 3000 LEDs/f65ft reel; 18 LEDs/ft; 120V; IP65 rated for outdoor use; water-resistant; 120 degree beam angle; available in RGB;  operating temperature; -20C to 45C; 2 yr. warranty; Prices start at $358.   

Easy Stand Alone RGB Controller

Easy Stand Alone RGB Controller

The Stand Alone DMX controller can be used to control a wide variety of different DMX systems; The lighting levels, colors, and effects can be programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software.



RGB flood lights are a popular choice for illuminating commercial buildings, signs, and monuments due to their versatility and vibrant color options. These lights use red, green, and blue LEDs to create a wide spectrum of colors, allowing for endless possibilities in lighting design.

One of the key advantages of RGB flood lights is their ability to change colors easily.Users can control the brightness and color of the lights to create the desired atmosphere using a controller.iance or to create eye-catching displays. RGB LED lights are ideal for commercial buildings, as they can create various lighting effects for different occasions or events.

In addition to their color-changing capabilities, RGB flood lights are also known for their energy efficiency. LED technology has significantly improved in recent years, making these lights highly efficient and long-lasting. RGB flood lights use less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights.e a longer lifespan, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced maintenance requirements.

Another benefit of RGB flood lights is their durability and weather resistance. Commercial buildings, signs, and monuments are often exposed to various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. RGB flood lights are designed to withstand these harsh environments, with waterproof and weatherproof features that ensure their longevity and performance.

RGB LED Lights are ideal for wall washing, enhancing building facades with decorative lightin

Furthermore, RGB LED lights offer excellent visibility and can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of commercial buildings, signs, and monuments. The vibrant colors produced by these lights can make a bold statement or attract attention to specific areas or features. Whether it’s lighting up a company logo on a sign, highlighting architectural details on a building facade, or accentuating the beauty of a monument, RGB flood lights have the ability to transform ordinary structures into captivating visual displays.

Lastly, the installation and setup of RGB lights are relatively simple and straightforward. These lights can be easily mounted on walls, poles, or other structures, allowing for easy integration into existing architectural designs. Additionally, with advancements in wireless technology, RGB flood lights can be controlled remotely, providing convenience and flexibility in managing the lighting system.

In conclusion, RGB LED flood lights offer numerous advantages for illuminating commercial buildings, signs, and monuments. From their color-changing capabilities and energy efficiency to their durability and ease of installation, these lights are a versatile and cost-effective lighting solution. Whether it’s creating a dynamic lighting display or enhancing the visual appeal of a structure, RGB flood lights are a reliable choice for any commercial lighting project.


RGB LED Lights - Wall Washing


FAQs About RGB LED Lights

RGB LED flood lights offer a variety of benefits and features that make them an attractive choice for lighting applications. Here are some frequently asked questions about RGB LED flood lights and their answers:

Q1. Can RGB LED make a white light? 
A1. Although the RGB LED chips can produce a shade of White, it is best to use an RGB-W fixture. This type of fixture adds an extra white LED chip which produces a truer white.

Q2: What is an RGB LED flood light?
A2: An RGB LED flood light is a type of LED light that produces a bright, broad spectrum of colors. It is typically used for illumination in entertainment, decoration, and architectural applications. RGB LED flood lights use three different colored LEDs – red, green, and blue – to create a wide range of vibrant colors and shades.

Q3: What are the benefits of RGB LED flood lights?
A3: RGB LED flood lights offer many benefits, such as energy savings due to their lower power consumption compared to conventional lighting solutions, their ability to produce millions of colors, and their long lifespan. In addition, they are cost-effective, require minimal maintenance, and are easy to install.

Q4: What types of applications are suitable for RGB LED flood lights?
A4: RGB LED flood lights are commonly used for entertainment and architectural lighting applications. Here are some examples: stage and theater lighting, landscape lighting, monument lighting, holiday lighting, sports arenas, and outdoor advertising displays.

Q5: How long do RGB LED flood lights last?
A5: The average life expectancy of an RGB LED flood light is between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. This is significantly longer than most conventional lighting solutions, meaning that you can enjoy your lighting application without having to worry about frequent replacements.



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