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RGB flood lights-LSL

From $300

Product Overview

The LSL LED Flood Light series represents the pinnacle of outdoor illumination technology, offering versatile and energy-efficient lighting solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Designed to replace traditional lighting fixtures, these RGB LED flood lights combine powerful illumination with customizable features, making them ideal for landscaping, signage, and accent lighting in demanding environments.


Key Features

– High-performance Osram LED chips for RGB models

– Bridgelux LED chips for single-color models

– APP-controlled RGB models with millions of color options

– Die-cast aluminum housing for superior heat dissipation

– Heat-resistant polycarbonate optical lens

– IP65 rating for excellent weather resistance

– Multiple beam angle options for versatile lighting design

– Compatible with optional DMX512 controller

– Universal 100-277VAC input voltage

– Energy-efficient design with high lumens per watt


Certifications and Compliance

– ETL Listed


Technical Specifications

– Wattage Options: 36W, 100W

– Lumen Output: Up to 9,000 lumens (model dependent)

– Color Options: RGB, 3000K, Green, Blue

– Beam Angles: 8°, 30°, 36° (model dependent)

– Operating Temperature: -40°F to 158°F

– Storage Temperature: -40°F to 122°F

– Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours


– Architectural accent lighting

– Landscape illumination

– Billboard and signage lighting

– Building façade highlighting

– Flag and monument lighting

– Bridge illumination

– Event and entertainment venues


Customization Options

– Wattage selection: 36W or 100W

– Color options: RGB, 3000K (warm white), Green, Blue

– Beam angle selection (varies by model)

– Housing color: Grey (standard)



5-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

Use the following SKU numbers to specify your desired configuration:

– 151329: 36W RGB

– 151334: 36W Blue

– 151350: 36W 3000K

– 151351: 36W Green

– 151330: 100W RGB

– 151331: 100W 3000K

– 151332: 100W Green

– 151333: 100W Blue


Additional Information

– Easy installation with included mounting hardware

– RGB models include LSL RGB Controller with APP

– Photometric data available for precise lighting design

– Compact packaging for efficient shipping and storage

– Suitable for both interior and exterior use

– Energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting solution


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