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With the ODIN Collection, outdoor facilities can be elevated with a touch of elegance. This collection presents a variety of lighting fixtures, including post top, bollard, and wall mount options. These lights not only provide wide light distribution but also ensure compliance with dark sky regulations. For those who desire a contemporary and refined aesthetic while maintaining a minimalist approach, the ODIN Collection offers an impressive solution.

The ODIN Collection

Architectural Post Top Lighting
Brand: Crystal
this modern, sophisticated design
transforms any outdoor space.
featuring 4 different shade styles,
opal acrylic lens standard,
up to 12,000 lumens @ 100W
and backed by a 10 year warranty.
LED Architectural Post Top Lighting
Prices Start at $700.

The ODIN Collection

Architectural Bollard 
Brand: Crystal
modern architectural bollard;
36″ and 42″ height;
featuring clear acrylic lens,
12″ anchor bolts; 10 year warranty;
up to 4,403lumens @ 35W;
available in 20/25/35W;
Prices start at $600.

The ODIN Collection

Architectural Wall Mount 
Brand: Crystal
Architectural wall mount or
ceiling mount; “6 Diameter
Base and 4″ Height; Features
Opal Acrylic lens; 10-year warr.
Available in 10/20W;
Prices start at $500.

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The ODIN Collection


FAQs About The ODIN Collection

Q1. What is an architectural lighting collection?
A1. An architectural lighting collection is a set of matching luminaires for area lighting, pathway lights and wall-mounted fixtures. 


LED courtyard lighting-The ODIN Collection

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