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LED Parking Garage Lighting for parking structures and parking deck lighting are crucial elements in ensuring safety, visibility, and reliability in these areas. With the increasing number of vehicles and the need for efficient parking spaces, it is essential to have appropriate lighting systems that enhance security and convenience for drivers and pedestrians alike.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: AGC
Two sizes – 10″ and 12″;
surface, or conduit mounted;
Uplight module: 375 lumens to
1,350 lumens; 3CCT adjustable
 4 adjustable wattages;
up to 16,000 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

Garage Parking Lot LED

V3 Oval
Brand: Ledsion
Oval Garage Parking Lot LED;
Built-in Power Tunable and
Color Tunable Switch;
12.2″ across; Five Occupancy
Sensor options; Wide beam angle
30/40/60W; up to 8,400 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

Parking Garage LED

Brand: Ledsion
10″ x 10″; 3Watts, 3CCT LED;
Built-in Motion sensor receptacle
available in 40/60/80W;
up to 10,400 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

Brand: Nebulite
9″ low-profile square design
anti-glare PC lens, 160-degree
wide beam angle; a Bi-level
occupancy sensor; IP65;
knockouts on all 4 sides;
surface, pendant mounted;
Prices start at $300.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: Altech
Round canopy light
features an uplight;
12.6 Diameter;
up to 12, 600 lumens;
available in 45/70/90W;
Prices start at $300.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: ATG
round prismatic frosted acrylic
lens; best mounted at a range of
7 to 10 feet; 11.4 Diameter;
up to 7,433 lumens; 40/60W;
Prices start at $300.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: Ledsion
Small, 9″ low profile canopy lighting
for outdoor ceiling-mounted areas;
IP65 rated for wet locations.
Up to 6,000LM,  Available in 55W.
Prices start at $250:

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Shine D series
Brand: Arrlux
features traditional box styling;
16.6″ x 16″; Surface Mount;
up to 20,280 lumens @ 160W;
120/160W; Prices start at $400.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: Crystal
17″ square; ceiling or pendant
mount for parking garages, covered
walkways, underground space
IP65; Up to 14,640 Lumens;
Prices start at $500.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: Altech
polycarbonate lens; 13,050 lumens;
Pendant, and Direct surface mount;
Three 1/2″ threaded conduit and
one 3/4″ conduit entry points;
Available in 28/40/60/90W.
Prices start at $250.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: Nebulite
Small footprint 9″ square low
profile; UL, DLC, CE,
Up to 6500: 30/50W;
Prices start at $250.

LED Parking Garage Lighting

Brand: Crystal
16″ round, architectural luminaire,
ceiling or pendant mount, parking
, covered walkways, IP65
up to 9,986 Lumens;
Prices start at $450.

When it comes to lighting parking structures, several factors need to be considered. Firstly, safety should be the top priority. Adequate lighting helps prevent accidents and acts as a deterrent for potential criminal activities. Bright and uniform lighting ensures that drivers can easily navigate through ramps, staircases, and parking spaces, reducing the risk of collisions or falls.

Visibility is another crucial aspect of parking garage lighting. Proper illumination allows drivers to identify key features such as signage, exits, and pedestrian walkways. Clear visibility ensures that drivers can maneuver safely and efficiently, reducing congestion and potential delays.

Reliability is also essential for parking structure lighting. These areas often operate 24/7, and any downtime can lead to inconvenience and safety concerns. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in high-quality lighting fixtures and bulbs that have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. This not only ensures uninterrupted lighting but also reduces operational costs in the long run.

Parking deck lighting is another critical aspect of parking facilities. These areas often have multiple levels, ramps, and tight corners, making it essential to have adequate lighting to guide drivers. In addition to safety and visibility, parking deck lighting should also focus on energy efficiency. Utilizing LED lighting technology can significantly reduce energy consumption while providing optimal illumination.

Parking lot lighting is equally important, as it enhances security and visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. Well-lit parking lots deter criminal activities and provide a sense of safety for those using the facility. Additionally, proper lighting ensures that drivers can easily locate their vehicles, reducing the risk of theft or confusion.

LED parking canopy lighting


FAQs About Parking Garage Lights

Parking structures and parking deck lighting are a critical factor in ensuring the safety and convenience of all who use them. It is important that the lighting is sufficient to keep all areas of the parking deck illuminated at night, while avoiding any unnecessary or excessive lighting that can be hazardous to motorists. In order to ensure the safety of all, the following are some keys when comes to lighting for parking structures and parking deck lighting:

Q1. How much light is necessary for a parking deck?
A1. The amount of light needed will depend on the size of the parking deck, the type of lighting fixtures used, and the amount of activity that occurs in the area. Generally, it is recommended that parking decks be lit to a minimum of one foot-candle of light for every five feet of parking deck area.

Q2. What types of lighting are best for a parking deck?
A2. The most common types of lighting for parking decks are high-pressure sodium, LED, and fluorescent. High-pressure sodium lighting has a warmer light and can help to create a more inviting atmosphere, but it is not as energy efficient as LED or fluorescent lighting. LED and fluorescent lighting provide a more efficient form of light that still provides adequate illumination.

Q3. What should be considered when positioning lights in a parking deck?
A3. When positioning lights in a parking deck, it is important to consider the layout of the deck including any obstacles that may make it difficult to light an area properly. In addition, it is important to place the lights in locations that will minimize light pollution and glare.

Q4. What should be done to reduce energy consumption in a parking deck?
A4. To reduce energy consumption in a parking deck, it is

Q5. Are parking garage lights on during the day?
A5. For safety and security concerns, parking garage lights are turned on during the day and all night if the garage is open 24 hours.


LED Parking Garage Lighting fixtures


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