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Parking garages are areas requiring both indoor and outdoor lighting, both of which must illuminate the full surface of the parking area, and must ensure that drivers can see where they are traveling to prevent accidents. The use of parking garage light fixtures will need to illuminate spaces for pedestrians and vehicles, and while traditional lighting sources may be extremely common, they are not always the most practical or efficient way of illuminating your parking facility.

If you want to invest in technology and also want to ensure that your customers are parking in a well-lit area, then you might consider LED lighting sources in your garage space.

Illuminate Your Customers With LED Parking Garage Light Fixtures

Boost Safety With LED Lighting

Some of the most important requirements for your parking garage are security and safety. The lighting on the interior of your garage needs to be strong enough to overcome the natural gloom of a large interior space. You need to use lighting fixtures that can not only illuminate the interior but will provide a focus on columns and signs, things that your customers will need to get around.

As a requirement, your garage will need to have at least 5.0 minimum lighting levels to achieve the proper illumination for the space available. LED lighting will need to be around 100 lumens for each watt of energy to provide this illumination for the garage space. With this amount of illumination, your customers will be completely safe within your parking garage

Make Savings With Great Lighting

Alongside ensuring that your customers are fully protected, you will also want to make your lighting as energy-efficient as possible. There are a lot of modern requirements from states and local laws requiring energy efficiency, and LED illumination is important. Most parking garage lighting fixtures operate at between 60 and 250 watts when compared with a traditional wattage of between 150 and 400 watts.

This can automatically provide you with energy-efficient savings from your illumination. As a secondary consideration, your LED lights will also assist you in reducing the maintenance of your lighting. LEDs can generate light for longer than standard illumination, meaning that you get more hours for each LED bulb that you install. This saves you the cost of bringing teams to replace lights and means that your illumination is consistently strong throughout your garage for longer periods. See Are Garage Light Fixtures Worth It?

Finding The Best LED Lighting

Finding The Best LED Lighting

When you are looking at adding LED bulbs to your garage light fixtures, you will need to find a supplier who can give you powerful LED lighting for your parking garage. We can offer you LED canopy and fixtures which are designed to improve the power of the LED lights, giving you uniform illumination through garages, outdoor spaces, underpasses, and other areas where lighting is essential. See Find The Best In Garage Light Fixtures With Us

If you want to find out more about how LED Pros Worldwide can the latest in LED illumination, talk to us today by sending us an online message at industrial lighting fixtures, or call us at (844) 533-7767 now.



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