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Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting is used to protect coastal areas and beaches by emitting safe-range wavelengths from 585-595 nanometers. Sea Turtle amber LEDs are ideal for areas where excessive artificial lighting can disturb ecosystems, such as coastal areas where sea turtle hatchlings need a dark sky to orient and migrate towards the ocean. The amber light source produces a narrower spectrum and also includes a specially designed shield to ensure that light is directed only to the target area. Add beauty and security to your customer’s coastal properties while protecting one of our most beautiful endangered species. Coastal properties that choose to upgrade to Sea Turtle Friendly Lights minimize one of the major ecological disturbances on the declining sea turtle species: light pollution. These luminaires protect the environment and provide sustainable and energy-saving solutions for years to come. see True Amber LED Lights That Protect Coastal Habitats

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Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting

Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting

Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting-Bell Area Light

Area lighting with Amber color LEDs is an excellent choice for commercial and condominium buildings to provide adequate security lighting while remaining sea turtle friendly in the lighting design; up to 20,900 lumens; Available in 45/55/65/85105/125/155/188/210W. Prices start at $ 

Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting

Sea Turtle Friendly Lights-Pulsar Bollard

Amber LED bollard lights provide shielded pathway, walkway lighting for beachfront and coastal areas; up to 4,520 lumens; Available in 20/25/35/45W. Prices start at $ 

sundial solar bollards

Solar-powered Turtle Friendly Bollard-Sundial

Marine-Life-Friendly Bollard Light uses custom LED chips that only emit long 580-595 nanometer amber-colored light; choose from three heights; features a full 360 design to track full sunlight source; 300 lumens @ 3W; Durable & Dirt Resistant- Round shape design minimizes the accumulation of dust and grime on the solar panel; IK10 impact rating on PC cover; Prices start at $



FAQs About Turtle Friendly Lights

What is amber light?

An amber light source produces a narrower spectrum ranging from 585-595 nanometers. With less lumen output than a standard LED fixture, amber-colored LEDs minimize the disruption to wildlife and sea turtle behavior.


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