LED Wall Pack

wall pack football full cutoff

LED Wall Pack fixtures offer an energy-efficient solution to the perimeter and security lighting for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Wall packs are designed to replace inefficient HID lighting while using 75% less energy. There are 3 cutoff options available; cutoff, semi cutoff and full cutoff. Low profile and clean look for commercial wall lighting applications. Outdoor wall pack lighting provides safety and security for many commercial applications. They are typically built to be energy efficient, UL listed, and some are Dark Sky compliant as well. Outdoor LED wall mount fixtures . Wall packs are ideal for parking lots, warehouses, residential areas, walkways, underpasses, gas stations, factories, loading docks, and other applications. 

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LED Wall Pack

LED Wall Pack

Wall Pack-WPG

CCT Tunable-3500K/4000K/5000K and Wattage Selectable-40/50/60/80/100/120W; Dusk to Dawn-a button photocell sensor; IP65; DLC Premium; Prices start $.

LED Wall Pack

Wall Pack-Football

full cutoff wall pack; 14.16″; UL, DLC Listed; featuring Lumileds LEDs; 1-10V dimming; optional photocell; indoor or outdoor applications; wet location rated; up to 9,446 lumens; available in 45,70W; Prices start $.

LED Wall Pack

Wall Pack Fixtures–Half-Moon 

full cutoff wall pack; 14.6; UL, DLC Listed; up to 8,300 lumens; available in 45, 70W, ; Prices start $

LED Wall Pack

Wall Pack LED-LiteLume

Large 18″ Wall Pack; Featuring Philips LEDs, DLC Listed; 10 year Warranty; up to 14,303 lumens @ 122W; UL, DLC certificate, IP65 Internal driver; Available in 28/42/64/ 85/120W Prices start $.

LED Wall Pack

LED Wall Packs-Half Cutoff

Large 18″ LED Half Cutoff Wall Pack;  up to 19,500 lumens 2 150W; 150D beam angle; ETL, CETL, DLC; Available in 41/60/80/100/120/150W. Prices start $

led wall pack

LED Rotatable Wall Packs

Adjustable LED wall pack featuring 60D bean angle; DLC Listed; up to 14,400 lumens @ 120W;  replaces existing HID & HPS fixtures up to 600W, IP65; Available in 25/ 40/55/60/80/120W. Prices start $



LED Wall Pack

Full Cutoff Wall Packs

Full-cutoff; Low Profile, Optical System Designed for Architectural Exterior, Walkways, Entry Ways, Dark Sky Compliant; available in 25/45/65W. Prices start at $

LED Wall Pack

Small Cutoff Wall Packs

Small, 8″ full cut off LED wall pack, up light option, Dark sky compliant; up to 2935 lumens @ 25W; available in 15/20/25W. Prices start at $

LED Wall Pack

Half-Moon Wall Packs

Half-Moon full cut off LED wall pack featuring a wide rectangular light distribution; Dark sky compliant; up to 8539 lumens @ 65W; up/down light option; available in25/45/55/65W. Prices start at $

LED Wall Pack - Adjustable

LED Wall Mount – Adjustable by LiteLume

features a 20º head tilt; small full cut-off; W-6.77″; DLC listed; 10 year warranty;up to 4801 lumens @ 40W; available in 20/40W. Buy American Compliant Act; Prices start at $

LED Mini Wall Pack

LED Mini Wall Pack by ATG

Rectangle wall pack, High Output COB LEDs; Integrated photocell; replaces existing HID & HPS fixtures up to 100W. Up to 3300 lumens @ 30W; Available in 20W, 30W. Prices start $160.

LED Wall Pack

LED Low Profile Floodlight 

Features High Output COB LED’s. Replaces existing HID fixtures up to 150W. Solar Compatible; Up to 4400 lumens @ 40W.; Available in 40W. Prices start $240




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