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LED aircraft warning lights and obstruction marking play a crucial role in aviation safety, alerting pilots to potential obstacles and hazards. These lights are essential for ensuring the safe navigation of aircraft, especially during low visibility conditions. In addition to their visibility range, aircraft warning lights are also categorized based on their light intensity and beam angle.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

ZL Single
Brand: Plusafe
L-810 Low-Intensity
Steady burning type.
Flash available;Red color;
Photocell built-in;
2/3/5/6/10W; 10cd, steady;
ICAO: low intensity type A; FAA:
Prices start at $200.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

ZL Double
Brand: Plusafe
L-810; Low Intensity
Type A/B; 100cd; Double light
is integrated by 2 single lights;
auto-transfer to “standby light”
in case of “service light” failure;
Prices start at $300.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

E27 Bulbs
Brand: Plusafe
High Power SMD LEDs;
 10cd; 32cd, 50cd,  200cd
Flash frequency 40fpm
Steady burning Adj. switch
Photo Sensor Built-in;
Prices start at $85.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

Brand: Anhang
Low-intensity FAA L810 Single
steady burning aviation obstruction
light; Optional NVG;
Bird deterrent spike on top;
Prices start at $200.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

Brand: Anhang
Low-intensity Double light
steady burning aviation obstruction
light; Main-standby mode
even if one light fails; Optional
NVG; Bird deterrent spike;
Prices start at $300.

Solar Powered LED Aircraft Warning Lights

Brand: Plusafe
Solar Aviation Obstruction Lights
Very portable; Autonomy more than
7 days without sunshine; 1.5Watts
Red, blue, green, yellow, white;
Flash 10 days; Fixed 7 days;
Light intensity: >30cd nighttime;
Output: 360° horizontal; 
Prices start at $250.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

Brand: Plusafe
Solar Aviation Obstruction Lights
solar panel and battery;
available 10cd and 32cd type;
Prices start at $250.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

Brand: Plusafe
dual model is a medium intensity
flashing red/white
dual LED obstruction beacon; 
Prices start at $300.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

L-865 CM
Brand: Plusafe
Medium Intensity-Type A;
White; Intensity 2000 cd; 
Medium intensity type C;
Medium intensity type B;
FAA Type L864; Prices start at $300.

LED Aircraft Warning Lights

L-864 ZL2000
Brand: Plusafe
Type B & C; Red LED
Medium Intensity Beacon;
2000cd red flashing nighttime
(GPS) Synchronized flashing
Prices start at $300.

oblight high intensity

Brand: Plusafe
High Intensity Aviation
Obstruction Lights
FAA L-856/L-857 Type,
ICAO High Intensity Type A/B,
White flashing; 
Photo sensor device included.
Prices start at $400.

ZL-CB Obstruction Lights Control Box

Brand: Plusafe
Medium intensity type obstruction
lights control; Low-intensity type
obstruction lights control; Double
type obstruction lights control;
Prices start at $300.

LED Heliport Lighting

Airport Windsock
Brand: Plusafe
The lighted vane can indicate the
wind direction in the approach
and take-off area and make a
general indication of the wind
speed; Prices start at $1200.

Aircraft Warning Sphere Power Line Marking

Sphere Power Line Marking
Brand: Plusafe
Aircraft warning sphere
power line marking for electricity
transmission lines;  Orange, Red,
White-orange, White-red, White
in 400mm or 800mm;
Prices start at $250.

LED Explosion Proof Obstruction Light

Brand: Crown
Explosion Proof Obstruction Light
Ideal for offshore and onshore in the oil,
gas and petrochemical industries, IP66;
Low Intensity (GYZD81-I) and
Medium Intensity (GYZD81-II) models;
Application: Zone 1, 2 & 21, 22, optional
solar panel; Prices start at $250.

Medium intensity lights usually have an intensity of at least 2,000 candelas and a 10-degree vertical beam spread. High intensity lights, on the other hand, have an intensity of at least 20,000 candelas and a 3-degree vertical beam spread. These specifications ensure that the lights are bright enough to be seen by pilots from a distance and provide a clear indication of the structure’s presence

Medium intensity aircraft warning lights are used for structures that are between 200 and 500 feet tall. The warning lights are used for structures that are between 200 and 500 feet tall. These lights are red or white. They can be seen from up to three miles away during the day and up to 10 miles away at night. These lights are often used on buildings, towers, and other structures that could be dangerous for airplanes.

High intensity aircraft warning lights, on the other hand, are used for structures taller than 500 feet. These lights are characterized by their flashing white lights, which are visible from a distance of up to 20 statute miles during the day and up to 50 statute miles at night. High intensity lights are typically installed on tall buildings, telecommunications towers, wind turbines, and other structures that are considered to be of high aviation risk.

It is important to note that the installation of aircraft warning lights and obstruction marking is regulated by aviation authorities, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. These regulations aim to ensure that structures posing a potential hazard to aviation are properly marked and equipped with the appropriate lighting systems. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties and fines.

The key takeaways are that aircraft warning lights and obstruction marking are vital components of air traffic and aviation safety. Medium intensity and high intensity lights are used to alert pilots to the presence of tall structures and other potential obstacles. By following to the regulations set forth by aviation authorities, we can guarantee the safe navigation of aircraft and reduce the risk of accidents. 

LED Aircraft Warning Lights


FAQs About Aircraft Warning Lights

Aircraft warning lights, also known as obstruction lights, are lights installed on tall structures, like buildings, antennas, wind turbines, and cranes, to alert nearby aircraft and warn them of potential obstacles. They are necessary for aviation safety and are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). read more about Shining a Light on Aviation Safety: The Critical Role of FAA Aircraft Warning Lights here.

Q1. What are the different types of aircraft warning lights?
A1. Aircraft warning lights are divided into two main categories: steady-burning and flashing. Steady-burning lights are either white or red and are used to mark the top of a structure. Flashing lights are also either white or red, but flash at a specific rate and can be used to mark the sides of a structure. There are also bi-color lights, which are red and white lights that alternate in color and are used to mark the front and back of a structure.

Q2. What are the FAA regulations for aircraft warning lights?
A2. The FAA requires that all aircraft warning lights must be visible for at least three statute miles. Lights must be visible up to an altitude of at least 500 feet above the structure and must be installed in accordance with FAA Regulatory Circular AC 70/7460-1L. Lights must also be installed according to the obstruction’s size and height, as outlined in the FAA’s advisory circulars. Customer Review – “Steven, Thank you again for the great service.  Light is up and working well!” Kevin I – Bend, OR

Q3. What is the difference between aviation obstruction lighting and aircraft warning lighting?
A3. Aviation obstruction lighting is used to mark any obstruction that could be a hazard to aircraft, such as buildings, towers, antennas, wind turbines, and cranes. Aircraft warning lighting is specifically used to mark the top of a structure. read more about What you need to know about obstruction lights here.

Q4. Why are there red lights on buildings?
A4. Devices that help aircraft avoid collisions by marking structures that occupy airspace. Such devices make structures more visible to aircraft and are usually used at night, although they may be used during the day. read more about Why Are LED Aircraft Warning Lights Necessary? here


LED Aircraft Warning Lights-aircraft warning lights for buildings


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