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LED Gas Station Canopy Lights will lower your energy bill, decrease maintenance costs and increase curb appeal at your convenience store, gas station, car wash, or petroleum facility. These under-canopy LED gas station lights replace existing Metal Halide light fixtures at the fuel pump and have a typical payback of fewer than three years! Choose from surface mount or pendant mount LED gas station lights fitted with CREE LEDs to outshine the competition and significantly increase lighting performance while reducing your energy usage by up to 70% with virtually no maintenance. 

How to Boost Safety With LED Lighting?

Some of the most important requirements for your gas station pump/dispenser area are security and safety. The lighting in this large outdoor space under your gas station canopy needs to be strong enough in order to overcome an overcast day or the darkness of night. You need to use lighting fixtures that can not only illuminate the canopy area but will provide a focus on columns and signs, things that your customers will need to get around. As a requirement, your canopy area will need to have at least 30.0 minimum lighting levels (foot-candles) to achieve proper illumination. LED canopy light fixtures will need to be at or above 100 lumens per watt of a 120W to 200W LED fixture to provide this illumination. With this amount of illumination, your customers will be completely safe around the canopy area.

Are you looking to replace your dim, high energy use gas station lighting with super-bright, super-efficient LED? Call for pricing toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

LiteLume, Crystal are Fully Compliant with ARRA Buy American requirements – Manufactured in the U.S.A. with U.S. and imported components.

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights Marketplace

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

Canopy Light Fixtures-Altech

high powered LED canopy; surface mount or recessed mounting; wide range of indoor and outdoor applications; gas stations, museums, art galleries, shopping malls, parking garages, etc; up to 28,390 lumens @ 200W; IP67; available in 95/120/150/200W. Prices start at $

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights Lights

LED Canopy Light-Ledsion

Ideal For Replacing 250-400W Metal Halide used in Gas Station, service Stations etc; 15″ x 15″; DLC, UL; Pendant / Surface Mount ; up to 19,500 lumens @ 150W. Prices start at $

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

Lights for Canopy-Bbier

Low profile, streamline form, easy installation; Applications; Gas station lighting, Petroleum canopies lighting, 3.CNG fueling stations lighting; up to 23,815 lumens; Available in 160W, 200W. Prices start at $.

LED Industrial Lighting

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

Gas Station Canopy-Shine E series

Architectural design combining high perrformance and distinctive form; featuring flush mount, slim design; 15.75″ x 15.75″; DLC, UL; Surface Mount; up to 20,280 lumens @ 160W. Available in 120/160W; Prices start at $

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

Gas Station Light-Portor 

Features Professional Optical Technology To Obtain 120 Lumens Per Watt And Project Light Down In A Wide Projection; 0-10V Dimming; UL Listed, FCC, CE, RoHS, & DLC Premium; 110° beam angle; up to 18,042 lumens @ 150W; Available in 100W/150W; Prices start at $

LED Industrial Lighting

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

LED Fuel Canopy Lighting-Arrlux

features a corrosion resistant finish meeting a 1000 hour salt spray certification; up to 18,875 lumens @ 160W; 5000K; Recessed mounted; CREE LEDs; 10 years warranty; Available in  80W, 120W, 160W. Prices start at $.

LED Industrial Lighting

canopy beauty plate Cree Canopy Light Beauty Plate-White Finish
Dimensions: 26 IN Length X 26 IN Width; Prices start at $.


FAQs About Gas Station Canopy Lights

What kind of lights do gas stations use?

Square shaped LED fixtures ranging from 14″ square to 25″ square. Depending on the height of the fuel pump area, the fixture wattage is usually between 120W and 200W. Using 5000K color temperature fixtures will produce a bright, safe and attractive gas station.


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