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Upgrade your gas station lighting with our energy-efficient LED canopy lights designed specifically for service stations. Our gas station canopy lights provide bright, uniform illumination that enhances safety, visibility, and customer experience while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Brand: Beyond

20 x 20 inch; surface or pendant; IP65 (NEMA 4X); Dust & Water Tight
UL, DLC; Up to 26,301 lumens
at 180W; Prices start at $250.

Brand: Altech
high-powered LED canopy; surface, recessed mounting; gas stations, museums, art galleries, shopping malls, parking garages; up to 28,390 lumens; IP67; 95/120/150/200W.
Prices start at $225.

Brand: Ledsion
Gas Station, Service Stations; 15″ x 15″; up to 19,500 lumens; Pendant / Surface Mount; DLC, UL; Prices start at $250.

Brand: Bbier
Low profile, streamlined form, Gas stations, Petroleum canopy; CNG fueling stations; up to 23,815 lumens; 160/ 200W; Prices start at $225.

The Importance of Proper Gas Station Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential for gas stations to ensure the safety of customers, employees, and vehicles. Well-illuminated gas station canopies not only improve visibility for fueling and navigation but also deter crime and create a welcoming environment. By investing in high-quality LED gas station lights, you can provide a superior fueling experience for your customers while improving your bottom line through energy savings and reduced maintenance. read more about Enhance Your Exterior with Outdoor Canopy Lights and LED Canopy Light Fixtures here

The Benefits of LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations

Upgrading to LED canopy lights for your gas station offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting options like metal halides:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED gas station lights consume significantly less energy compared to conventional lighting solutions, resulting in substantial cost savings on electricity bills.
  • Long Lifespan: With an impressive lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more, LED gas station canopy lights require fewer replacements and minimal maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Improved Illumination: LED canopy lights provide bright, uniform illumination across the fueling area, eliminating dark spots and enhancing visibility for customers and employees.
  • Instant-On and Dimmability: LED gas station lights reach full brightness instantly, without any warm-up time, and offer dimming capabilities for customized lighting control and energy savings.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Designed with rugged housings, tempered glass lenses, and weather-resistant finishes, LED gas station canopy lights can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any climate.

Applications for LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

Our LED canopy lights are suitable for various areas within a gas station, including:

  • Fuel Pump Canopies: Illuminate fuel pump canopies with bright, evenly distributed light, making it easier for customers to navigate and operate the pumps safely.
  • Convenience Store Entrances: Provide well-lit entrances and walkways for your convenience store, creating a welcoming and secure environment for customers.
  • Service Bays and Car Washes: Ensure adequate lighting for service bays and car wash areas, improving visibility for technicians and enhancing the overall service experience.
  • Perimeter Lighting: Use LED gas station lights to illuminate the perimeter of your property, increasing security and deterring potential crime.
  • Signage and Branding: Highlight your gas station’s signage and branding with strategically placed LED canopy lights, increasing visibility and attracting customers from a distance.

Choosing the Right LED Gas Station Light

When selecting LED canopy lights for your gas station, consider the following factors:

  • Lumen Output: Choose LED gas station lights with the appropriate lumen output to ensure adequate illumination for your specific canopy size and height.
  • Light Distribution: Opt for LED canopy lights with a wide beam angle and uniform light distribution to minimize glare and eliminate dark spots.
  • Color Temperature: Select LED gas station lights with a color temperature between 4000K and 6000K for a bright, crisp white light that enhances visibility and creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  • IP Rating: Ensure your LED canopy lights have a high Ingress Protection (IP) rating to withstand dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

Compatibility and Installation: Verify that your chosen LED gas station lights are compatible with your existing canopy structure and electrical system for seamless installation and operation

FAQs About Gas Station Canopy Lights

A gas station canopy light is an LED lighting solution used to illuminate the fuel pumps, entrances, and other outdoor areas around a gas station. Gas station canopy lights are typically used to enhance visibility for customers and to improve safety and security.

Q1. What kind of lights do gas stations use?
A1. Square shaped LED fixtures ranging from 14″ square to 25″ square. Depending on the height of the fuel pump area, the fixture wattage is usually between 120W and 200W. Using 5000K color temperature fixtures will produce a bright, safe and attractive gas station.

Q2. What types of gas station canopy lights are available?
A2. Gas station canopy lights are available in a variety of styles, including linear LED, round LED, recessed LED, and pole mounted LED lights. Linear LED lights are extremely energy efficient and often come with a lifetime warranty. Round LED lights are usually more cost effective and are available with optional accessories, such as motion sensors and dimmers. Recessed LED lights are ideal for areas where space is limited and provide a long-lasting and dependable light source. Pole mounted LED lights are ideal for illuminating larger areas, such as parking lots, and can be configured to meet specific needs.

Q3. How much does a gas station canopy fixture cost?
A3. The cost of gas station canopy lights varies depending on the type, size, and configuration of light chosen. Generally speaking, linear LED lights cost more than round or recessed lights, while pole mounted lights tend to be the most expensive option.

Q4. How much energy do gas station canopy lights use?
A4. Gas station canopy lights are typically very energy efficient. LED lights, for example, can use up to 90% less energy than traditional halogen and HID lights, while also providing a brighter and cooler light source.

Q5. Are gas station canopy lights easy to install and maintain?

Enhance Your Gas Station with Our LED Canopy Light Solutions

Discover our comprehensive selection of LED gas station canopy lights, designed to provide energy-efficient, long-lasting, and high-quality illumination for your service station. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect LED lighting solution to enhance safety, improve customer experience, and reduce operating costs. Contact us today to discuss your gas station lighting needs and take the first step towards a brighter, more efficient future with our LED canopy lights.  Read more about Revamp Your Gas Station with a Canopy Light Retrofit: Illuminating the Benefits here. 


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