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LED Gas Station Canopy Lights-BB-CSD

From $225

Product Overview

The BB-CSD Series Gas Station Light by Bbier sets a new standard in petroleum and CNG fueling station illumination. Engineered to replace outdated lighting systems, this advanced LED fixture transforms the visual landscape of fuel dispensing facilities while delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Specifically designed for the demanding environments of gas stations, petroleum canopies, and CNG fueling stations, the BB-CSD Series withstands exposure to fuel vapors, extreme temperatures, and varying weather conditions. Its low-profile, streamlined design not only complements modern forecourt aesthetics but also ensures optimal light distribution across refueling areas, enhancing safety and customer experience.

With lumen outputs reaching up to 23,815 and power options ranging from 60W to 200W, these LED gas station lights provide superior brightness while significantly reducing energy consumption compared to conventional fixtures. The BB-CSD’s advanced LED technology illuminates every corner of your petroleum or CNG facility, from pump islands to perimeter areas, creating a well-lit, inviting atmosphere that promotes safety and efficiency.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing petroleum station, outfitting a new CNG fueling facility, or seeking to reduce operational costs, the BB-CSD Series Gas Station Light offers a durable, efficient, and future-proof solution. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function, designed explicitly for the unique lighting needs of modern fuel dispensing environments.


Key Features

– Advanced LED technology for optimal energy efficiency

– Precision die-cast aluminum housing for excellent heat dissipation

– Fade-resistant powder coat finish for long-lasting durability

– Easy installation process for quick retrofits

– Available in multiple color temperatures (2700K-6700K)

– Lifespan of 50,000 hours at 25°C

– No RF interference, UV/IR radiation, or mercury

– Special circuit design ensures each LED operates independently

– Optional motion sensor and emergency module available


Certifications and Compliance

– CE certified

– RoHS compliant

– ETL listed

– UL listed power supply


Technical Specifications

– Power options: 60W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 160W, 200W

– Luminous flux: Up to 23,815 lumens

– Luminous efficacy: 130 lm/W

– Color Rendering Index (CRI): 70+

– Beam angle: 120°

– Operating temperature: -40°C to +45°C

– Voltage: 100-277VAC/50-60Hz or 200-480VAC/50-60Hz

– Power factor: >0.95

– IP rating: IP65


– Gas station lighting

– Petroleum canopy illumination

– CNG fueling stations

– Low to medium bay general lighting

– Soffit lighting


Customization Options

– Color temperature selection (2700K-6700K)

– Motion sensor integration

– Emergency module with built-in LED driver and battery

– Ceiling mount bracket accessory



5-year manufacturer warranty


Ordering Information

To place an order, please use the following information:

  1. Model number (e.g., BB-CSD-100W-B1)
  2. Desired wattage
  3. Color temperature preference
  4. Quantity required
  5. Any additional accessories or customization needs


Additional Information

– Packaging: Individual boxes (450x450x150mm)

– Gross weight per unit: 8.0kg

– Optional ceiling mount bracket available (sold separately)

– Dimming functionality available upon request


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