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Emergency LED Exit Signs are energy-efficient, long-life LED exit signs and are hard-wired using 3W max. All white exit signs are UL and cUL certified. Choose from Clear or Mirror, Single Face or Double Face, and Red or Green Lettering (depending on your state code). Features: Injection-molded thermoplastic ABS housing, UL-94V-0 flame rating, fire-resistant, Input Voltage: 220-240V, 3.6V Nickel Cadmium Battery, Charging time: 24 hours, Discharge time: 90 minutes.

Exit Signs help keep your facility code-compliant and its occupants safe. Safely mark all exits, even in power failures. If you already have exit signs installed, but use incandescent light bulbs, consider replacing them with LED exit signs.

LED Emergency Lights are also hard-wired and provide ample brightness for at least 90 minutes during power outages. Call for special pricing today toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency LED Exit Signs – ES037

features EZ-snap mounting canopy included for top or end mount; high-impact resistant, thermoplastic in white finish; Ultra bright, energy-efficient, long-life Red or Green LED; EZ snap-out chevron directional indicators; Compact, low-profile design; Single and double-sided option included; Internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects; the internal battery to LED board for minimum 90-minute emergency illumination; Prices start at $

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Slim Emergency LED Exit Signs Combo – ESC02 Series

Features Adjustable long-lasting, efficient ultra-bright white LED lamp heads, 180 lumen output; UL 94v-0 flame rating; Single or double face (Universal); SALIDA faceplate available; Prices start at $

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Compact Size Emergency Exit Sign Combo – ESC03 Series

Features optimal center-to-center spacing; 200 lumen output; Universal J-box mounting pattern; Injection-molded, engineering-grade, 5VA flame retardant; SALIDA faceplate available; UL listed for damp locations; SALIDA faceplate available; Test switch and charge indicator; Prices start at $

Dual Head Emergency Light

Dual Head Emergency Light – EML01 Series

features Adjustable long lasting, efficient ultra-bright white LED lamp heads which provides optimal center-to center spacing; 2 X 1.2W lamp head(12X0.1W white LEDs), 205 lumen output; Prices start at $

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency LED Exit Signs-Thin Clear Edge

new thin clear edge exit signs feature thermoplastic housing, 120-277V, 220-240V, Hard-wired with maintenance-free battery backup that provides a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. The recharge time of the battery is 24 hours, Available In Green and Red Lettering, Clear Single Sided “EXIT” Face plate; Mirrored, Double Sided “EXIT” face plate. Prices start at $

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Modern design exit signs feature thermoplastic housing, 120-277V, Hard-wired with maintenance-free battery backup that provides a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes. The recharge time of the battery is 24 hours, Available In Green & Red Lettering, Single-sided; Prices start at $

led exit sign

Emergency LED Exit Signs

Red or Green LED, Single face or Doluble face, UL listed, battery back-up or AC, Damp location rated, 11″ x 7″. Prices start at $

led exit sign and emergency combo

Emergency LED Exit Signs-Combo

Red or Green LED, Single face or Doluble face, UL listed, battery back-up or AC, Damp location rated, Adjustable LED lamp heads; 19″ x 7″. Prices start at $

astralite exit signs

Emergency LED Exit Signs

featuring a thin profiled design; extruded aluminum body with a die-cast mounting plate; face design features 6” letters with ¾” stroke; Provides 90 minutes of illumination upon loss of power. maintenance-free Nickel Cadmium battery; Prices start at $

led emergency lights

LED Emergency Lights

Thermoplastic LED Emergency Light; Nickel-Cadmium battery is standard, and provides a minimum of 90 minutes of illumination in emergency mode; Prices start at $

led emergency light large

LED Emergency Lights-Bug Eye Heads

This hard-wired LED emergency light provides ample brightness for at least 90 minutes during power outages and provides indication lighting and ensures adequate evacuation times for office buildings, exit doors, stairways, schools, churches, preschools, office buildings, hospitals, etc. features two fully adjustable, glare-free LED lighting heads; Prices start at $

led emergency light small

LED Emergency Lights

Prices start at $



Emergency exit signs, battery backup, backup light, and combo exit signs are crucial components of any building’s emergency evacuation plan. These fixtures play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants during an emergency. In this article, we will discuss the importance of these elements and how they help with emergency preparedness.

Firstly, let’s discuss emergency exit signs. These signs are designed to guide individuals to the nearest exit in case of an emergency. We strategically place them throughout a building to ensure that occupants can easily locate the nearest exit route.

Emergency LED exit signs typically illuminate to remain visible even in low light conditions. This is essential during power outages or situations where visibility may be compromised.

Next, we have battery backup systems. Emergency exit signs are often connected to a battery backup system to ensure they remain illuminated during power failures.

During a power outage, the battery backup turns on to keep the exit signs illuminated and provide a dependable power source. This is particularly important in situations where occupants may panic or become disoriented. Bright signs show where to go to leave safely.

Backup lights are another critical feature of emergency exit signage. We install these lights in conjunction with exit signs to provide additional illumination along exit routes. Backup lights are typically placed above doors or at strategic intervals along escape routes.

In the event of a power failure, backup lights automatically activate, ensuring that exit routes remain well-lit and visible. This extra source of illumination is invaluable in emergency situations, as it helps occupants navigate through dark or smoke-filled environments.

Lastly, let’s explore combo exit signs. These innovative signs combine the functionality of an exit sign with additional safety features.

Combo exit signs often incorporate emergency lighting, exit arrows, and fire alarm systems into a single unit. This consolidated approach to emergency signage streamlines the installation process and ensures that all necessary elements are present in one convenient location. Combo exit signs are particularly beneficial in buildings with limited wall space or where aesthetic considerations are a priority.

Emergency exit signs, battery backups, backup lights, and combo exit signs are crucial for a successful emergency evacuation plan. These components work together to provide clear guidance, reliable illumination, and additional safety measures during critical situations. Investing in good LED emergency lights improves safety and helps people leave a building quickly and smoothly.


Emergency LED Exit Signs


FAQs About Emergency LED Exit Signs

Emergency exit signs are an important component of any building, providing guidance for people in a safe and efficient manner in the event of an emergency. There are a variety of questions related to emergency exit signs, including:

Q1. What types of emergency exit signs are available?
A1. Emergency exit signs come in a variety of forms and materials, including illuminated and non-illuminated signs, vinyl labels, and metal signs. Illuminated signs use either a battery-powered or AC-powered light source to make the sign visible in the event of a power outage. Vinyl labels are less costly but can be easily damaged. Metal signs offer the highest level of durability and visibility. For classified hazardous locations, see LED Explosion Proof Exit Signs

Q2. What size signs should be used?
A2. The size of emergency exit signs depends on the area the sign will be displayed in. Generally, signs should be at least 6 inches in height for visibility and should be placed at least 4 feet above the floor to avoid any obstructions.

Q3. Are there special regulations regarding emergency exit signs?
A3.Yes. In the United States, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established some basic standards for emergency exit signs. NFPA 101 requires all exit doors in a building to be marked with a sign stating the direction of the nearest exit. Exits must also be illuminated in case of a power outage. Other regulations may apply depending on the type of establishment and local codes.

Q4. How are emergency exit signs maintained?
A4. The NFPA recommends that emergency exit signs be inspected at least twice a year. This includes checking for any signs of wear or damage, and ensuring all battery-powered units have working batteries. It’s also important to ensure the signs are still clearly visible and in the correct position. If any damage or wear is found, the sign should be replaced immediately.


Emergency LED Exit Signs


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