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LED Street Lights are sleek, low-profile LED luminaires designed to replace existing traditional such as mercury vapor (MV)and high-pressure sodium (HPS) cobra head systems along residential streets, roadways, and highways, parking lot lighting, pathway lighting, security lighting, and storage area lighting. see Illuminating A Modern Industrial Setting is Easier Than Ever. Roadway Lighting features; Safety, Security, and Savings; Slim, state-of-the-art, low profile designs for minimum wind load resistance; Architectural form; Heat and impact resistant tempered flat glass lens. (IESNA full-cutoff); Continuous silicone gasket surrounds lens for IP66 weather-tight seal; Optional NEMA Twistlock Photocell for increased energy savings. Also, see LED Solar Street Lights.

Crystal is fully Compliant with ARRA Buy American requirements – Manufactured in the U.S.A. with U.S. and imported components.

LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights


stylish minimal silhouette; 1-10 dimmable; UL Listed, DLC Premium Listed; multiple optics and brackets; up to 41,717 lumens; Available in 60/100/120/150/200/240/300W. Prices start at $.

LED Roadway Lights

Street Light-RW

Cobra Head by Atlas; Buy American Compliant – uniquely designed streetlight; UL, cUL, DLC; up to 22,360 Lumens @ 187W; Prices start at $

LED Street Lights

Road Light-CH29

Cobra Head by Crystal; Made in USA- This cobra head streetlight features a single latch tool-less entry design; up to 12,910 lumens @ 125W; available in 40/60/80/100/125W; Prices start at $

LED Street Lights

Street Lights-Phantom 

Slim cobra head streetlight; features Tool-free Access To Mounting And Electrical Components; Philips LEDs; available in 30/60/90/120/150/200W;  Prices start at $

LED Industrial Lighting

LED Street Lights

LED Street Lighting-LUMA

IP67; certifications-UL, cUL, DLC, CE; Available in 20/30/40/60/80/100W; up to 7260 lumens @ 60W; 5000K; Prices start at $310.

LED Street Lights

Street Lighting-FIND

IP67; certifications-UL, cUL, DLC, CE; 5000K; available in 20/30/45/65W;  Prices start at $

LED Street Lights

Street Lights-ALFA

ideal solution for street lighting with multiple optical distributions; IP67; Available in 30/60/90/120/ 150/180/210/240/270/300/320W; up to 40,300 lumens @ 320W; Prices start at $330.

LED Street Lights

LED Roadway Lights-TITAN 

IP67; certifications-UL, cUL, DLC, CE; Available in 30/60/90/120/160/180W/200/240W; up to 30,420 lumens @ 240W; 5000K; Prices start at $335

LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights-ISL

Cobra head, architectural series; up to 11,700 lumens @ 150W; featuring a 10-year wrap-around warranty; rated for 100,000 hours; 150 lumens per watt, ideal for Neighborhoods Roads, Street Lighting; Available in 30W/60/90/120/150W; Prices start at $.



dark sky friendly street lights


FAQs About Street Lights

Why are some street lights purple?

Purple lights may seem a bit weird, but the lights are safe. The purple light is caused by a defect in the LED. When the green LED fails, the other 2 LED colors produce a purple light.

When were street lamps invented?

The early electric street lights used were arc lamps, First used in 1878 in Paris, France. By 1881, some 4,000 electric street lights were in operation, in effect replacing existing gas lanterns on street poles.



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