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Ensure the safety and security of your commercial or industrial property with our wide range of outdoor security lights and LED security lighting solutions. Our dusk to dawn security lights provide reliable, energy-efficient illumination, deterring intruders and creating a safer environment for your employees, customers, and assets.

RLM barn light
Brand: Crystal
LED Barn Light, Gooseneck Arms and Shades; different styles of gooseneck arms; classic, barn, and slanted shades
indoors and outdoors; Pole mount,
Pendant mount, and wall mount.
10/20/30W. Prices start at $450.

Brand: Ledsion
Built-in Dust to Dawn Photocell
function; IP65;  7,150 lumens
Optional: Bent pole; 40/55W. Prices start at $200.

Brand: Green Inova
Widely used in yards, driveways,
barns, docks  DLC, UL/CU, CE
Easy-to-install: Wall/Arm mounting
35W, 45W; Prices start at $185;

Brand: Crystal
wide rectangular light distribution;
Dark Sky compliant and DLC listed;
up to 3,026 lumens; 38/58W.
Prices start at $198.

The Importance of Effective Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting plays a crucial role in protecting your commercial or industrial property from potential threats, such as theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Well-designed security lighting not only improves visibility and reduces dark spots but also acts as a powerful deterrent, discouraging criminal activity and increasing the sense of safety for your employees and visitors. By investing in high-quality LED security lights and dusk to dawn lighting solutions, you can create a secure and well-illuminated environment while minimizing energy costs and maintenance requirements.

The Benefits of LED Security Lights

Upgrading to LED technology for your outdoor security lighting offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting options:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED security lights consume significantly less energy than conventional lighting technologies, such as incandescent or halogen bulbs, resulting in substantial cost savings on electricity bills.
  • Long Lifespan: With an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, LED security lights require fewer replacements and minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs and disruptions.
  • Bright and Uniform Illumination: LED security lighting provides bright, even illumination across large areas, eliminating dark spots and shadows for optimal visibility and threat detection.
  • Instant-On and Dimmability: LED security lights reach full brightness instantly, without any warm-up time, and offer dimming capabilities for customized lighting control and further energy savings.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Designed with rugged housings and weather-resistant finishes, LED security lights can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any climate.

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

Our collection of outdoor security lighting solutions caters to various commercial and industrial applications, including:

  1. Dusk to Dawn Security Lights: These lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, providing continuous illumination throughout the night without manual intervention.
  2. Motion Sensor Security Lights: Equipped with motion detectors, these lights activate when movement is detected, startling potential intruders and alerting occupants to any activity.
  3. Flood Lights: Powerful LED flood lights provide wide-area illumination, making them ideal for illuminating large outdoor spaces, such as parking lots, loading docks, and storage yards.
  4. Wall Pack Lights: Wall-mounted LED wall packs offer targeted illumination for building perimeters, entryways, and walkways, enhancing safety and assisting with wayfinding.
  5. Area Lights: Pole-mounted LED area lights provide uniform illumination across vast outdoor spaces, such as car dealerships, sports fields, and industrial complexes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Security Lights

When selecting LED security lights for your commercial or industrial property, consider the following factors:

  1. Lumen Output and Coverage Area: Choose LED security lights with the appropriate lumen output and beam angle to ensure adequate illumination for your specific application and coverage area.
  2. Mounting Options: Consider the mounting options for your security lights, such as wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or under-eave, to accommodate your property’s layout and installation requirements.
  3. Controls and Sensors: Opt for LED security lights with integrated controls, such as photocells, timers, or motion sensors, to automate operation, optimize energy savings, and enhance security. read more about Enhancing Your Outdoor Space with Motion Sensor Security Lights here.
  4. Color Temperature and Rendering: Select LED security lights with the suitable color temperature (3000K-6000K) and high color rendering index (CRI) for optimal visibility, threat detection, and natural color representation.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Ensure that your chosen security lighting complies with local building codes, energy efficiency standards, and dark sky regulations, particularly for outdoor applications.

Things To Know About Outdoor Security Light Fixtures

Motion-activated dusk-to-dawn security lights with a motion sensor are a great way to increase the security of your home and property. They are designed to detect movement in the dark and switch on automatically, providing illumination for as long as they detect motion. There are a few FAQs about these kinds of security lights that you may find helpful. Read more about Securing Your Outdoor Spaces: A Deep Dive into Outdoor Security Lighting Options here.

Q1: How far away can a motion sensor detect movement?
A1: The range of a motion sensor depends on the type of sensor used. Generally, a passive infrared (PIR) sensor will have a range of up to 30 feet, while an ultrasonic sensor can detect movement up to 50 feet away.

Q2: How long do dusk-to-dawn security lights with a motion sensor stay on?
A2: The duration of time that the light will stay on depends on the type of motion sensor used. For example, a PIR sensor will typically stay on for 1-2 minutes, while an ultrasonic sensor will remain on

Enhance Your Property’s Security with Our LED Lighting Solutions

Explore our comprehensive selection of outdoor security lights, LED security lighting solutions, and dusk to dawn security lights designed to protect your commercial or industrial property, improve visibility, and create a safer environment. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect security lighting solution to meet your specific requirements and provide peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the benefits of LED security lights for your outdoor space


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