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With a contemporary design that exudes elegance and simplicity, the Creo Collection presents a range of architectural LED luminaires. These luminaires are specifically crafted to offer downward light distribution while adhering to Dark Sky Compliant standards. The collection encompasses both a compact area light and a bollard, providing versatile illumination options.

The Creo Collection

Brand: Crystal
modern style, downward light
distribution, Dark Sky Compliant;
36″ and 42″ Heights;
Optional Vandal-Resistant Base;
Three 10” Long Anchor Bolts
(Included); 10-year warranty;
up to 7,780 lumens @ 55W;
available in 15/20/30/40/50W;
Prices start at $550.

The Creo Collection

Area Light
Brand: Crystal
modern architectural LED
area light combines, style
and security;
small area light and bollard
are ideal for Walkways and
Accenting the Exterior Grounds; 
Pole heights; 10 ft and 12ft;
Single or Double heads; 
available in 15/20/30/40/50W;
Prices Start at $900.

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The Creo Collection


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