LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures

LED indoor swimming pool lighting fixtures meet the unique needs of natatorium lighting and are designed and certified to safely operate in a wet and warm environment and corrosion-resistant and resistant to humidity. The natatorium, or indoor pool environment almost always have high humidity and chlorine levels, these harsh chemicals can impact the integrity of the fixture as well as the performance of the LEDs. 

To minimize the impact of chlorine, the Mecree LED flood light series are Marine grade aluminum, Salt Spray Test Certified, Electrostatic powder coat paint is applied, the entire fixture undergoes an Electrophoresis surface treatment, exposed fasteners are stainless steel SUS304 materials (will not rust, more corrosion resistant) and finally the LED light engine is completely sealed with an upgraded sealant which gives the Mecree a IP67 waterproof rating. 

Indoor pool lighting is subject to an extraordinarily corrosive environment. Chloride clusters formed as a result of the evaporation of water droplets can give rise to localized corrosion. Choosing the right lighting technology and product is essential for long term performance. Only products designed to operate within a pool’s corrosive environment stand any chance of surviving long term.

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LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures

LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures

LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures by MeCree

features IP67 rating, Corrosion-resistant Aluminium alloy housing with electrostatic spraying; Corrosion resistant Aluminium alloy heat sink With electrophoresis treatment; Stainless steel handle with electrophoresis treatment; Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test Certification; up to 22,500 lumens @ 150W. Available in 150W. Prices start at $

LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures

LED Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures – by Rokee

Ideal for Sea Ports, Boat, Vessel Swimming Pool, Chemical Plant and harsh environments; Available in 50/80/100/200W. Prices start at $

LED Linear Wall Fixture

LED Linear Wall Fixture by Crystal
features Corrosion-resistant Marine Grade Coating; Heavy-Duty Die Cast Aluminum Housing; Made in USA; 48″ Length; Available in 40/80W. Prices start at $

Cold Storage Lighting

LED Vapor Tight 4ft by Crystal Lighting
high efficient Phillips lumileds LEDs; Operating temperatures: -30°C to +60°C; IP67 rated, waterproof, dustproof; 5545lm @ 56W; 5000k; DLC listed for Utility rebates; Made in USA; Available in 40W, 56W. Prices start at $.



LED indoor swimming pool lighting fixtures are continually evolving. These pool rated luminaires are more corrosion resistant; they generate much less heat; they are much more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than the old, inefficient traditional lighting fixtures. Also durability and low maintenance are key factors, especially in a high humidity and high corrosive environment as indoor swimming pools.

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