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Transform your commercial or industrial facility with our high bay LED lights. Designed to deliver powerful, energy-efficient illumination in spaces with high ceilings, our LED industrial high bay light fixtures provide optimal visibility, improved safety, and reduced energy costs.

High Bay LED Lights

Brand: ATG
Selectable Wattage and CCT 
ceilings of 20 to 40 feet;
10 year warranty; 0-10 Dimming;
Tunable 60/80/100/120/140/150/
Up to 34,560 lumens;
rices start at $200.

UFO LED High Bay Lights

Brand: Beyond
features 150 Lumens per Watt;
0-10V Dimming; IP65, UL, DLC; 
Selectable Wattages
Up to 36000 lumens;
Prices start at $200.

High Bay LED Lights

Brand: Nebulite
1-10 Volt Dimming; 12 Volt AUX;
Bluetooth Mesh Control; 
Bi-level Occupancy Sensor;
Up to 37,490 lumens;
60/80/100W and  150/200/240W;
Prices start at $200.

Brand: Ledsion
Black or White housing
Option; Occupancy Sensor Options;
Up to 42,000 lumens;
100/ 150/200/240/300W;
Prices start at $200.

High Bay LED Lights

Brand: Dimi Light
Watt switchable: 80W/100W
CCT switchable: 4000K/5000;
up to 38,400 lumens
Dimmable; DLC, ETL, CETL.
Prices start at $200.


Brand: Altech
up to 51,200 lumens, Dimmable;
60/100/ 150/240/320W.
Prices start at $200,

High Bay LED Lights

Brand: E-Lite
Phillips LEDs, efficient 160lm/w
up to 96,000 lumens)
High Temp High Bay
120/ 200/300/400/600W.
Prices start at $300.

High Bay LED Lights

CO-4 Bay 
Brand: G-Comin
featuring four rotatable modules;
rotates up to 200 degrees;
Direct and Indirect lighting
up to 76,800 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

High Bay LED Lights

Brand: Oakled
ideal for Warehouse, Airport Lighting;
up to 81,600 lumens @ 480W;
Prices start at $300.

High Bay LED Lights

Brand: Crystal
up to 43,620 lumens;
Phillips LEDs; 10 year warranty;
Made in USA;
Prices start at $500.

Understanding High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting is specifically designed for use in spaces with high ceilings, typically 20 feet or higher. These powerful light fixtures provide the necessary illumination for large, open areas such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, gymnasiums, and retail stores. Proper high bay lighting ensures a well-lit environment that enhances productivity, safety, and overall functionality. Read about Discover the Benefits of Industrial High Bay LED Lights here.

The Benefits of LED High Bay Lighting

Upgrading to LED technology for your high bay lighting offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting options:

Applications for High Bay LED Lights

Commercial high bay LED lights are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Choosing the Right LED High Bay Lighting

When selecting high bay LED lights for your commercial or industrial space, consider the following factors:

High Bay LED lights


Q1. What is a high bay light? 
A1. High Bay Lights are high output, high-efficiency lighting mounted higher than 20 feet from the work surface. Usually found in large area facilities, like manufacturing, warehouses, and aircraft hangars.

Q2. How many lights do I need?
A2. Once we input the area dimensions into our software, we can generate a lighting layout with light lumens, etc. 

Q3. What are the best high bay LED lights?
A3. The best lights are determined by your facility, the application and your environment. Here at LED Pros we offer a long list of manufacturers with various options – from linear to round – – different wattages  – from 100W to 2000W – and various lumen packages. Call LED Pros WorldWide today for professional service.

Elevate Your Space with Our High Bay LED Lighting Solutions

Explore our comprehensive selection of high bay LED lights, designed to meet the unique needs of commercial and industrial applications. Our expert team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect lighting solution to enhance the efficiency, safety, and aesthetics of your facility. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the benefits of LED high bay lighting firsthand

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