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You more often see LED high bay lighting in places like industrial settings, commercial areas, and yards. However, some modern green homes have high-bay lighting, and Will Smith’s multi-house mansion is full of them as they light the way from his various rooms to his tennis courts and other house segments. Though there is no hard and fast rule as to if you get LED high bay lighting or low bay lighting, it usually depends on the level of brightness you require, and the region where you intend to mount your lights.

What Are Bay Lights?

In most cases, a high bay fixture is used to illuminate a very large space. You often see some in factories, processing plants, yards and so forth. They are sometimes seen in commercial settings where the ceiling is around 10ft tall or taller. In most cases, your ceiling height is what determines if you are going to have low bay LED fixture or LED high bay fixture. See What Type of Manufacturing Facilities Require High Bay Lighting

What Are the Differences Between High Bay Lighting and Low Bay Lighting

The Height of Your Installation

You are almost certainly going to need high bay fixtures if your ceiling or mounting area is between 20ft and 40ft. This is because lower bay lighting fixtures at this level would be fairly ineffectual. Low bay lighting is often seen between 10ft and 20 foot from the ground. Though, it always depends on use. There are some occasions where strong light is needed, and somewhere it is not. See LED Linear High Bay

For example, some people put low bay lighting fixtures, with low brightness bulbs, on platforms as high as 40ft because anything brighter during the night would upset their bird’s breeding/mating/egg-laying habits. By that example alone, you can see there is a lot to consider when buying industrial lighting.

When Does Beam Angle Matter?

Some people choose a lower bay fixture because they want very strict control over the angle of the light. This is very important in many scenarios. For example, you may want your lights to shine at the cars as they approach your driveway so that the approaching cars are more illuminated than the building for security reasons.

When installing high bay fixtures, it is common to see lights installed at sixty degrees, ninety degrees, and one hundred and twenty degrees. This often creates what some people consider to be a more focused beam of light.

What Are Bay Lights?

On the other hand, if you have low bay lights, you may want to consider far wider angles because you probably want to illuminate as much as possible with every single light. Plus, since your low bay lights are closer to the ground, there is a chance that a very focused beam would become a little blinding to passersby.

What Choices Do You Have?

In reality, you can find the right type of light for any circumstances, be they the right lights to ensure local lizard populations do not congregate, to the types of lights that will not spark explosions even if they are doused in gasoline. For all your LED light needs, and for all the varieties you require, visit us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures.


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