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High-bay LED lights offer the best lighting for spaces with high ceilings ranging from 20ft to 40ft. Because high-ceiling structures have a lot of space to fill, high-bay lights fit in seamlessly as they are able to brighten large enclosed spaces. Find out why these high fixtures are perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. read LED Linear High Bay

When large indoor spaces need illumination, high bay lighting is the preferred choice. For spaces like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, and more, the land area usually covers a wide expanse of vertical and horizontal space. Furthermore, these buildings have very high ceilings and expansive spaces that pose lighting challenges.

To illuminate these spaces, you need well-constructed industrial lighting powerful enough for highly corrosive manufacturing settings or extremely high-temperature steel plants. High bay lighting is the appropriate light for these situations.

What is High Bay Lighting

What is High Bay Lighting?

As the name implies, “high-bay” lights are used to illuminate high-ceiling spaces. This includes all ceilings with a height greater than 6.1m (20ft) above the floor or workstation. As such, high-bay facilities designed for manufacturing, warehousing, and storage are the predominant users of these LED high bay lighting fixtures.

But how do LED high bay lights compare with other conventional high bay lighting?

LED High Bay Lights vs. Other Lights

Before LED high bay lights made a grand entrance, a number of lighting technologies served the industrial and warehouse sectors well. Some of these types of lighting include metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent. Unsurprisingly, LED high bay lights outperform their competitors considerably and in many ways. Here’s how:

  1. LED Lighting vs. Metal Halide: Metal halide lights do provide good color rendering and more; however, they flicker on and off and are expensive to maintain.
  2. LED Lighting vs. High-Pressure Sodium: HPS lights are very common in industrial, business, and recreational facilities due to their high energy efficiency. However, they offer really poor color rendering.
  3. LED Lighting vs. Fluorescent Lighting: Sure, fluorescent lights are inexpensive but may require waste disposal procedures for toxic residue.
Why Manufacturing Facilities Need LED High Bay Lighting

Why Manufacturing Facilities Need LED High Bay Lighting

The right lighting can boost productivity and increase safety in manufacturing facilities. Because the work done in these factories is labor-intensive, a well-lit environment is required for various stages of operations to run smoothly. With proper lighting, every stage of production down to machining will operate at great speeds with accuracy and safety.

In full focus, manufacturing facilities represent the biggest real estate share of the industrial sector. This means that there are more factories than, say, warehouses or department stores. These production facilities may include foundries, steel mills, welding facilities, automotive production lines, machine factories, shipyards, aircraft assembly lines, and so much more.

Within all these industrial buildings, one thing is common: powerful illumination. Lighting equipment used must therefore be durable enough to survive extreme temperatures, high humidity, vibrations from large machinery, corrosive atmospheres, and dirty. As a result, LED high bay lighting and high temperature high bay lighting is used in many manufacturing facilities.

Different Types of High Bay Lighting

Industrial high bay lighting comes in different setups. Depending on the size of the building and the type of work being done, each one provides distinct advantages. At industrial lighting fixtures, we offer a plethora of high bay lighting for factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more. read LED Low Bay Ligting

The Best High Bay Lighting to Use?

With so many High Bay Lighting options available, it can be difficult to choose just one. Have questions? Contact us today at Industrial Lighting Fixtures or Call LED Pros WorldWide at 844.533.767 to find out how we can help you.



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