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Ensure the safety and security of your commercial parking lot with our energy-efficient LED parking lot lights and outdoor parking lot light fixtures. Our commercial parking lot lighting provides bright, uniform illumination, enhancing visibility and deterring criminal activity while reducing energy costs and maintenance requirements.

Brand: Nebulite
Up to 46,204 lumens; DLC; 30/50/75/100/150/200/300W.
Prices start at $300.

Brand: Altech
Up to 64,800 lumens; DLC; LED Pros Choice; 150W/240W/300W/400W
Prices start at $300

Archer G2
Brand: ATG
DLC; Selectable; (60/80/100W),
(100/120/150W), (200/240/300W);
up to 49,088 lumens;
Prices start at $300.

power and cct selectable; compact design, DLC; up to 42,000 lumens;
Prices start at $250.

Brand: Crystal
Made in USA; superior quality; low Profile, architectural LED area light;
10-year war; up to 26,250 lumens
Prices start at $400.

Brand: Crystal
Made in USA;
superior quality; low Profile,
architectural LED area luminaire;
10-year war; up to 25,995 lumens
Prices start at $400.

Brand: Ledsion
low profile shoebox , area lighting;
UL, cUL, DLC; up to 41,000 lumens; 
Prices start at $300.

Brand: Arrlux
DLC; IP67; Dimming; CREE LEDs;
Prices start at $400.

Brand: Crystal
12″ (S), 16″ (M) or 23″ (L); shoebox fixture; spider mount, slip fitter, 
up to 44,723 lumens;
Prices start at $200.

3040 Spider Mount
Brand: Crystal
square spider mount, up to 20,680 lumens; 40/50/60/80/100/120/150W.
Prices start at $200.

Brand: Crystal
rounded top area light; Yoke, Arm and Spider Mount; Dark Sky compliant;
up to 16,512 lumens; 45/65/85/105/125W.
Prices start at $300.

Brand: Crystal
Architectural round flat top; Yoke, Arm, Spider Mount; up to 16,512 lumens; 20/45/65/85/105/125W.
Prices start at $420..

Brand: Crystal

Choose from 3 different style tops and shades; Choice of decorative arms; 20″ Medium and 25″ Large;
40/50/60/80/100/120/150/ 180W;
Prices start at $550.

The Importance of Proper Parking Lot Lighting

Well-designed parking lot lighting is essential for the safety, security, and functionality of commercial parking areas. Adequate illumination not only improves visibility for drivers and pedestrians but also contributes to a sense of security and can help prevent accidents and crimes. By investing in high-quality LED parking lot lights, you can create a welcoming and secure environment for your customers and employees while optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing light pollution.

The Benefits of LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Upgrading to LED parking lot light fixtures offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting options such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED parking lot lights consume significantly less energy than conventional lighting technologies, resulting in substantial cost savings on electricity bills. Read more about Help the Environment by Choosing LED Lights for Your Parking Lot here.
  • Long Lifespan: With an impressive lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more, LED parking lot light fixtures require fewer replacements and minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs and disruptions.
  • Improved Illumination: LED parking lot lights provide bright, uniform illumination with excellent color rendering, enhancing visibility and making it easier to identify vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards.
  • Instant-On and Dimmability: LED lights reach full brightness instantly, without any warm-up time, and offer dimming capabilities for customized lighting control and further energy savings.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Designed with rugged housings and weather-resistant finishes, LED parking lot light fixtures can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any climate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Parking Lot Lights

When selecting LED parking lot lights for your commercial outdoor space, consider the following factors:

  1. Lumen Output and Light Distribution: Choose LED parking lot lights with the appropriate lumen output and light distribution pattern to ensure adequate illumination for your specific parking area size and layout.
  2. Color Temperature: Select LED parking lot light fixtures with a color temperature between 4000K and 6000K for optimal visibility and a crisp, white light that enhances security and safety.
  3. Mounting Options: Consider the mounting options for your LED parking lot lights, such as pole-mounted, wall-mounted, or canopy-mounted, to accommodate your parking area’s layout and structural requirements.
  4. Controls and Sensors: Opt for LED parking lot light fixtures with integrated controls, such as photocells or motion sensors, to automatically adjust lighting levels based on ambient conditions or occupancy, further optimizing energy savings.
  5. Dark Sky Compliance: Look for LED parking lot lights with full cut-off or shielded designs to minimize light pollution, glare, and light trespass, ensuring compliance with local dark sky regulations. 

Choosing the Right Pole Height and Spacing for Parking Lot Lights

To achieve optimal illumination and uniformity in your parking lot, consider the following guidelines for pole height and spacing:

  • Pole Height: Select pole heights between 15 and 30 feet, depending on your parking lot size and layout. Taller poles can provide wider light distribution and reduce the number of fixtures needed.
  • Pole Spacing: Determine the appropriate pole spacing based on your LED parking lot light fixtures’ lumen output and light distribution pattern. Typical spacing ranges from 2.5 to 4 times the pole height.
  • Uniformity Ratio: Aim for a uniformity ratio (average to minimum illuminance) of 3:1 or better to ensure consistent illumination throughout the parking area, minimizing dark spots and shadows.


Q1. Are LED lights bad for your eyes? 
A1. In outdoor spaces, LED lighting provides much greater illumination of space whilst using less light, resulting in a more evenly and well-lit outdoor area that is much safer. In indoor spaces, LEDs produce short-wave, high-energy blue light, which has been linked to biological and sleep disturbances.

Q2. How to change parking lot lights to LED? 
A2. In some cases, if the fixture housing is in good shape, you may consider an LED  retrofit kit or corn cob bulbs. In other cases, you may need to replace each fixture head with a new LED fixture. Contact LED Pros to get help in determining the new LED color temperature, wattage, and lumen package.  Read more about Lighting the Way in Business: The Definitive Guide to Commercial Parking Lot Lights here.

Elevate Your Parking Lot with Our LED Lighting Solutions

Explore our comprehensive selection of LED parking lot lights, outdoor LED parking lot light fixtures, and commercial LED parking lot lighting solutions designed to enhance safety, improve visibility, and reduce energy costs. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect LED lighting products to meet your specific requirements and create a well-illuminated, secure parking environment. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the benefits of LED parking lot lights in your commercial outdoor space

By Steven Wilson – First Published on: April 02 2013


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