Mall Parking Lot Lights are proven to increase retail sales and help create a sense of safety and security while minimizing maintenance and energy costs. Good night time lighting in represents a critical component of high retail sales volume after dark. Shopping malls with properly lit parking lots will attract more customers during the evening hours. Choose from our LED shoebox area lights to brighten any mall parking area. These super-bright, long-lasting LED lights are also great for roadways, walkways, outdoor sports areas, campuses and parks. see The Advantages of LED Parking Lot Lights

New Mall Parking Lot Lights

Mall Parking Lot Lights 
Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights 
Installed Ledsion LED Shoebox Luminaire, 39,000 lumens @ 300W; replaces 500-600W MH/HPS
 Mall Parking Lot Lights-Ledsion LED Shoebox Area Light


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