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Optimize your lighting in spaces with lower ceilings using our low bay LED lights. Designed to provide efficient, high-quality illumination in areas with ceiling heights up to 20 feet, our industrial low bay lighting solutions offer improved visibility, energy savings, and enhanced aesthetics for your commercial or industrial facility.

Brand: ATG
Linear Stairwell Fixture
2ft, 4ft, 8ft lengths

Selectable wattages, CCT
Stairwells, Passageways
Prices start at $200.

Brand: ATG
Curved Stairwell Fixture
2ft, 4ft, 8ft lengths
Selectable wattages, CCT
Stairwells, Passageways
Prices start at $200.

Brand: G-Comin
NSF Certified; IP69K, High pressure water resistant; 
up to 38,400 lumens 
Prices start at $300.

Brand: ATG
general area lighting in coves,
shops, showcases, and storage,
utility areas; 4ft, 8ft
Prices start at $55

Brand: Altech
IP67 rated, Dimmable;
Up to 57,600 lumens @ 320W;
Prices start at $295.

Brand: Altech
LED Vapor Tight, DLC-listed
6,210 lumens; IP67 rated; Surface mount; Frosted or Clear Lens; 18/36/54W;
Prices start at $200.

Brand: Altech
LED Square Canopy 10″; DLC Listed; Ultra Thin design;
up to 13,050 lumens; 28/40/60/90W;
Prices start at $200.

Understanding Low Bay Lighting

Low bay lighting refers to lighting fixtures designed for use in spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 12 to 20 feet. These fixtures provide focused, direct illumination for smaller areas, such as retail stores, workshops, and small warehouses. Low bay LED lights are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting options, offering superior performance and cost savings.

The Benefits of LED Low Bay Fixtures

Upgrading to LED technology for your low bay lighting offers numerous advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED low bay lights consume significantly less energy compared to metal halide or fluorescent fixtures, resulting in substantial energy savings and reduced operating costs.
  • Long Lifespan: With an extended operational life of up to 100,000 hours, industrial low bay LED lights require fewer replacements, minimizing maintenance costs and downtime.
  • High-Quality Illumination: Low bay LED lights provide bright, uniform illumination with excellent color rendering, enhancing visibility and creating a more visually appealing environment. Read more about Illuminate Your Customers With LED Parking Garage Light Fixtures here.
  • Instant-On Functionality: LED lights reach full brightness immediately, eliminating the warm-up time associated with traditional low bay fixtures.
  • Versatile Options: Low bay LED lighting is available in various wattages, color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5000K), and beam angles to suit your specific application requirements.

Applications for Industrial Low Bay Lighting

Low bay LED lights are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including:

  • Retail Stores: Create a well-lit, inviting environment for customers while highlighting merchandise and improving the overall shopping experience.
  • Workshops and Garages: Provide focused illumination for automotive repair, woodworking, and other technical tasks, ensuring precision and safety.
  • Small Warehouses: Ensure proper illumination for efficient inventory management, order picking, and packaging processes in smaller storage facilities.
  • Classrooms and Libraries: Deliver high-quality, glare-free lighting for reading, writing, and other educational activities.
  • Fitness Centers: Illuminate exercise areas and equipment with low bay LED lights, creating a motivating and visually appealing environment for gym-goers.

Choosing the Right Low Bay LED Lights

When selecting low bay lighting for your space, consider the following factors:

  • Lumen Output: Determine the necessary brightness level for your application and choose fixtures with the appropriate lumen output.
  • Wattage: Select the suitable wattage based on your energy efficiency goals and illumination requirements.
  • Color Temperature: Choose the ideal color temperature (3000K, 4000K, 5000K) to create the desired ambiance and ensure accurate color rendering for your specific tasks.
  • Beam Angle: Consider the beam spread of the fixtures to achieve optimal light distribution and uniformity across your space.
  • Durability: Opt for low bay LED fixtures with rugged construction, heat dissipation features, and IP ratings appropriate for your environment to ensure long-lasting performance.

FAQs About Low Bay LED Lighting

Q1. What is low bay lighting? 
A1. Low bay lighting is often seen between 10ft and 20 ft from the ground. Some people choose a low bay light fixture because they want very strict control over the beam angle of the light.

Q2. What’s the difference between low bay lights and high bay lighting?
A2. In most cases, your ceiling height is what determines if you are going to have low bay or high bay fixtures. High Bay Lights are high output, high lumen fixtures typically mounted higher than 20 feet from the work area. read  more about What Are the Differences Between High Bay Lighting and Low Bay Lighting

Q3. What are the benefits of choosing a Low Bay Light fixture?
A3. Low bay lighting is an ideal choice for areas that require bright, energy-efficient lighting. The key advantages of LED lighting compared to fluorescent lighting are its greater energy efficiency, its long lifespan, its ease of maintenance, and its improved control of light. LED lighting also offers directional control of light, allowing it to be placed in areas with high ceilings to specifically emphasize products, displays, or artwork on walls or shelves.

Q4. What businesses make the best use of  Low bay LED lights?
A4. Low bay LED lighting is typically used in areas with ceilings from 8 to 20 feet. Examples include warehouses, retail shops, and commercial office spaces. They are also used for outdoor lighting in all types of areas such as roadways, parking lots, and outdoor walkways.

Q5. Types of low bay lights?
A5. Low bay LED lighting is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wattages to suit a wide range of applications. The most common types of lighting are linear, round, and shallow. Linear low bay lighting features a long bar with several rows of lights to light up larger areas. Round and shallow low bay LED lighting features a single large light that can be used to light up smaller areas. 

Q6. Features and options available with Low bay LED lights
A6. These lights can also be customized with dimming and color changing capabilities to provide the desired ambience. Additionally, it can be outfitted with motion sensors and photocells for greater energy efficiency. Low bay LED lighting is also available in damp and wet rated options for use in humid and exposed outdoor environments.

Enhance Your Space with Our Low Bay LED Lighting Solutions

Explore our comprehensive selection of low bay LED lights, designed to meet the unique needs of commercial and industrial applications with lower ceiling heights. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect lighting solution to improve the efficiency, safety, and aesthetics of your facility. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the benefits of LED low bay lighting firsthand.


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