LED Low Bay Lighting

halo series food processing high bay

LED Low Bay Lighting is an energy-efficient, low-maintenance alternative to traditional linear fluorescent in a variety of retail, commercial, and industrial low-bay lighting applications. LED Low Ceiling Lights are designed to provide full-spectrum, crisp, white light for illumination at lower mounting heights. Choose from warm white 3500K or cool white 5000K, with 70% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours. Mounting flexibility includes pendant mount and hook mount. These advanced LED Low Ceiling luminaires deliver equivalent photopic illumination levels to traditional metal halide and fluorescent fixtures with better uniformity and coverage. LED Low Bay Lighting will substantially lower energy than traditional light sources with longer life – 70,000 hours and can be matched with motion, daylight and wireless controls for increased energy savings. see What Are the Differences Between High Bay Lighting and Low Bay Lighting

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LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Low Bay Lighting – Halo series by G-Comin

NSF Certified LED Lighting developed to meet the needs of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, IP69K, High pressure water resistant, Steam resistant; Hydrophobic and Dust-repellent Surface; up to 38,400 lumens @ 240W; available in 50/80/100/150/200/240W; Prices start at $

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Low Bay Lighting – Round by LiteLume
featuring Phillips LEDs; suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. available in 80W. Prices start at $

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Low Ceiling Lights –  by Arrlux

LED Linear High Bay Bright A series features outstanding overhead lighting performance in a compact and traditional appearance; Multiple units are linkable; replaces up to 400W HPS; 24,150lm @ 200W; 5000K; DLC listed, Available in 120W, 160W, 200W. Prices start at $

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Low Ceiling Lights- by Altech

DLC listed, IP67 rated, Dimable; replaces existing HID & HPS fixtures up to 2000W; Up to 57,600 lumens @ 320W; 10 year warranty; Available in 60W, 100W, 150W. 240W, 320W. Prices start at $295

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Vapor Tight by Altech 

This DLC listed 3-lamp linear fixture produces 6210 lumens at 54W; 5000K; 220 beam angle; IP67 rated; Replaces existing fixtures up to 216W. Surface mount; Frosted or Clear Lens Cover; Available in 18W, 36W, 54W.


LED Low Bay Lighting

LED Square Canopy 10″  – by Altech

DLC Listed; Featuring, Ultra Thin design; Die Cast Aluminum construction; 7 Year Warranty; IP67 Rated, Replaces existing HID & HPS canopy, parking garage, indoor  and outdoor fixtures up to 250W; up to 13,050lm. Available in 28W,  40W, 60W, 90W.




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