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What are the Color Options for Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

LED Pros Worldwide 06/12/22

Outdoor LED strip lights can be used to brighten up your patio or other outdoor space. However, there are things you must consider when picking the right lights. For one, they have to be water-resistant. You should look for options with at least an IP65 rating. They can handle rain and dust.  What Colors to…

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Can You Replace Outdoor Lamp Post Fixture?

LED Pros Worldwide 06/08/22

You have decided to replace your outdoor lamp post so you can have sustainable and affordable lights. Is that even possible though to replace the fixture? The answer is a resounding, “yes.” You can replace it at any time you want.  Why Replace Old Outdoor Lamp Post Fixture?  If your old lamp post is using…

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How Long Do Outdoor Rope Lights Last?

LED Pros Worldwide 06/01/22

Outdoor rope lights are becoming more and more popular not just for homeowners but also for commercial business owners. With proper outdoor lighting, crime rates can be cut, according to this report. If you’re not using them yet, then you are missing out on their many benefits. Now, if you are convinced that you need…

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The Proper Way to Illuminate Billboard

LED Pros Worldwide 05/23/22

The goal of billboard lights is to light up the advertisement and make them visible. Unfortunately, with the wrong lights used, they can cause glare. Fixtures can spread the light to nearby residences or disrupt humans and animals. And if the light causes glare, it can be dangerous. If it affects the drivers, they can’t…

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Getting the Right Type of Commercial Grade Rope Lighting

LED Pros Worldwide 05/16/22

Many buildings now are using commercial grade rope lighting. This type of lighting is an affordable option. However, before making a decision, you need to consider a lot of things to get the right type of light for your commercial needs.  LEDs in Commercial Grade Rope Lighting  When you choose to purchase rope lighting, look…

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What are the Rules to Follow When Installing Commercial Industrial Lighting?

LED Pros Worldwide 05/09/22

Business owners know that the right commercial industrial lighting is a vital part of retail space. In a retail location, the light being used must achieve a certain goal while it ensures that it offers a pleasant experience for the customers.  What are the Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Industrial Lighting?  Color Temperature  The…

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Making Your Outdoor Space Look Sophisticated with these Lights

LED Pros Worldwide 04/22/22

Outdoor rope lights can add a cozy touch to your outdoor little nook. As you drink your hot cup of coffee with your nice book, you can stay and feel relaxed in your little outdoor space. In this post, learn how you can add brighter lights to your patio or backyard.  What Can Outdoor Rope…

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What Color Temperature for Outdoor Lamp Post is Best for Outdoor Use?

LED Pros Worldwide 04/12/22

An outdoor lamp post is ideal to boost the aesthetics and safety of your outdoor living space. When you’re shopping for a lamp post, there are many things to consider. One of them is the color temperature. In this post, let’s talk about the right color temperature for your outdoor lighting.  Color Temperature for Outdoor…

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Can Outdoor LED Strip Lights Improve Your Home’s Security?

LED Pros Worldwide 04/06/22

In today’s high crime rates, it’s imperative to increase the security of your home, especially the outdoor. One way to improve it is to install outdoor LED strip lights. They can provide more security around your house and fend off criminals.  How Outdoor LED Strip Lights Can Improve Your Property’s Security?  Make Property Less Attractive…

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Where to Use Commercial LED Outdoor Lights?

LED Pros Worldwide 03/15/22

Commercial LED outdoor lighting is the most efficient form of lighting. It provides bright and powerful light without the need to consume a lot of watts and increase your bill. It’s one of the reasons LEDs are being used for various applications. To truly understand how versatile it is, here are some of the ways…

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