Commercial LED Bollard Lights for your Outdoor Spaces

Commercial LED bollard lights are a type of outdoor lighting that is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and residential use. They offer a number of advantages over traditional incandescent and halogen lights, including: * Increased energy efficiency: LED lights use less energy to produce the same amount of light, which can save money on […]

What you need to know about LED aircraft warning lights

heliport perimeter light

Flying can be dangerous especially during bad weather when visibility is extremely low. A helicopter, which generally flies low, and an airplane flying low to land or take off may fly into tall structures and cause a serious disaster. That is why aircraft warning lights are put in place to warn pilots of existing obstructions […]

Why Are LED Aircraft Warning Lights Necessary?

led obstruction light double

LED Aircraft Warning Lights As the aviation sector expands, the requirement for safe and dependable airplane warning lights becomes more critical. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the safety of pilots and passengers at LED Pros WorldWide, which is why we provide a variety of high-quality LED aircraft warning lights. Why Are LED Aircraft Warning […]

What Type of Manufacturing Facilities Require High Bay Lighting

manufacturing facilities

High-bay LED lights offer the best lighting for spaces with high ceilings ranging from 20ft to 40ft. Because high-ceiling structures have a lot of space to fill, high-bay lights fit in seamlessly as they are able to brighten large enclosed spaces. Find out why these high temperatures are perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. When […]

Explosion Proof Lighting: What You Must Know

Explosion-Proof High Bay Lighting

Lighting is vital in every business location. But there are things you must know to guarantee you are getting the right deal for your location. One great example is the use of explosion-proof high bay lighting. But what is this type of lighting exactly?  What is Explosion Proof High Bay lighting?  You may think that […]

Where to Use Explosion-Proof Lighting LED?

Explosion-Proof Lighting LED

Explosion-proof lighting LED is one of the most sought-after lighting solutions for businesses. However, many business owners are still wondering what is it exactly. They often confused it with other terms. In this post, you will know exactly what it is and where is the best place to use it.  Where is the Best Place […]

Are Garage Light Fixtures Worth It?

Garage Light Fixtures

Your garage can be your workspace or you can also use it as a storage unit. Unfortunately, many garage owners take this space for granted. For instance, they don’t think about how to light it up. It deserves an upgrade. One of the areas that can improve your garage is lighting installation. The use of […]

How Tall is a Commercial Light Pole?

Commercial Light Pole

A commercial light pole is used in various applications. However, the most common place you will find it is in the parking lot. If you own a property that requires a parking lot, you need to ensure that proper lighting is installed. When thinking of installing with a pole, you must choose the right number […]

How Do Billboard Lights Work?

Billboard Lights

Billboard lights work by using LEDs. Each dot of color uses a single LED. The brightness in every color depends on what color you wish to create. For instance, red and blue LEDs are lit to create the color purple light. The color white is created by ensuring that red, green, and blue LEDs are […]

What is Considered Commercial Industrial Lighting?

Commercial Industrial Lighting

Commercial industrial lighting is a type of lighting being used in hotels, retail shops, warehouses, and restaurants, among others. The outdoor lighting used in public street lamps and bridges, for instance, is also considered commercial-grade lighting.  How Does Commercial Industrial Lighting Differ from Residential Lighting?  The main difference between these two is the price. Residential […]