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The Pros and Cons of Modern Industrial Lighting Fixtures

LED Pros Worldwide 01/25/22

The world of modern industrial lighting fixtures is a little more complex and diverse than it used to be. On the one hand, we have lighter materials, better machining, and far superior lighting options in terms of how LED light bulbs save money and don’t require lots of changes or investment to install. On the more »

Will I Need Engineers to Install My LED Commercial Ceiling Lighting?

LED Pros Worldwide 01/18/22

Whether you need specialists or engineers to install your LED commercial ceiling lighting is a tricky question with multiple answers, but for the sake of brevity, the easy answer is “No.” You will not need specialists or engineers to install your commercial LED lighting because it is a very simple task. If you buy the more »

Shouldn’t Solar Powered Parking Lot Lighting Be Far More Popular?

LED Pros Worldwide 01/12/22

The world can be an odd place at times. There was once a time in our history, when driving without a seat belt was the norm, despite the fact that a life-saving device (the seat belt) was readily available and often in every car you drove? There was a lot of resistance to wearing the more »

What Should I Know About Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Industrial Lightning Fixtures 12/20/21

We are living in an age when modern LED lights are the most dependable, most inexpensive, and most environmentally friendly lighting option on the planet. One would have hoped that humankind would develop a safe, low-cost, and low-impact lighting system at some point in the future, and it turned out that the answer (the LED more »

What Are Construction Lights?

Industrial Lightning Fixtures 12/15/21

In real terms, construction lights are any sort of lights that you put into a construction site. However, as the LED market has matured, the categories, types, and subcategories have become more defined. Now, when people buy LED lights for construction sites, they have a clearer idea of what they are getting. Here is a more »

How Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Saves on Maintenance And Costs

Industrial Lightning Fixtures 12/10/21

Possibly one of the most overlooked benefits of commercial LED outdoor lighting is its favorable maintenance costs. We all know how they are good for the environment and how they cost far less to run than any other bulb, but what about the changing and installing of these bulbs? Few people know that these are more »

Heliport Lighting Market Will Grow At 4.31% CAGR During 2021-2025

LED Pros Worldwide 11/29/21

The heliport lighting market is set to grow by 4.31% CAGR during 2021-2025, which translates into a reasonable 18.93 million USD. This is not based on trends but is mostly based on current drivers and challenges. It turns out that the biggest driver of heliport lights market growth is the diversified way in which heliports more »

How To Pick A LED Post Top Light

LED Pros Worldwide 11/22/21

An LED post top light is also known as a garden light, an LED Post light, and a landscape LED path light. There are many specialty varieties, but the most common are the 75W, the 100W, and the 150W. Your average post light has a brightness level that can range from between 9600 lumens to more »

What is an Induction Lighting Retrofit?

LED Pros Worldwide 11/01/21

A lighting retrofit is a process of changing out lights from one variety to another. The most common conversions within businesses these days are conversions from incandescent bulbs or strip lighting to LED lighting. Due to the obvious power savings, companies and households are switching to LEDs on a massive scale. An induction lighting retrofit more »

How Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Improves Parking Lot Safety

LED Pros Worldwide 10/25/21

A considerable number of businesses are turning to commercial LED outdoor lighting to improve visibility in their parking lots and external spaces, as well as reducing the energy costs of lighting these large, open spaces. As companies seek to keep these spaces bright, on one hand, to benefit customers and on the other to provide more »