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LED Hangar Lights: The Solution for Airline Hangars

Industrial Lightning Fixtures 01/17/20

An airline hangar is used for many purposes, including storage of an airplane in between flights and maintenance operations for safe and effective flying. That means that the proper lighting is necessary to ensure that these jobs are done safely and correctly. LED hangar lights are the prime choice as they offer plenty of illumination, more »

What Makes the Best Garage Light Fixtures

Industrial Lightning Fixtures 01/03/20

It might not be something you think about often, but the light in your garage is pretty important. After all, you need it to work there and to see what you’re doing when you’re looking for tools or putting things away. With so many garage light fixtures to choose from, it can be overwhelming to more »

Why Your Business Needs Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Steven Wilson 12/31/19

If you own a business where there’s a degree of outdoor engagement, whether through a large carpark or a garden area or anything in between, then it’s fair to say that a lot of your time is taken up by considering just how to light those areas efficiently and effectively. Lighting can be a large more »

Why LED Light Ceiling Light Fixtures Are The Best Choice For Your Business

Steven Wilson 12/20/19

When starting up a new business or trying to think of ways to improve an existing business, it’s fair to say that saving money while increasing effectiveness and efficiency is definitely one of the primary concerns of any boss or owner. A savvy business person will always be on the lookout for ways to streamline more »

The Increasing Use Of LEDs In Construction Lights

Steven Wilson 12/06/19

Like everything else, as technology advances, the world of construction is always evolving and moving forward to become better, seeking to be longer lasting and more efficient than before. Both small and huge innovations have been made over the decades to improve the quality and practices of large construction jobs. One of the most popular more »

LED Explosion Proof Street Lights

Steven Wilson 11/10/19

LED Explosion Proof Street Lights, Class 1, Division 2, C1D2, pole mounted and wall mounted outdoor area lighting. Also know as Hazard Location Lighting, these are a lightweight and low profile solutions for oil well,refineries, gas station, petroleum and chemical industries, coal mine, military, airport, warehouse, marine etc.

Protect Workers With An Explosion Proof Lighting LED Lamp

Steven Wilson 10/26/19

When teams are working in hazardous areas, particularly in confined spaces where there is the potential for gases to build up undetected, it is essential that business owners provide their workers with explosion proof lighting such as LED lamps. Sometimes called EX areas, these locations tend to have the risk of explosive atmospheres, and are more »