LED Billboard Lights

LED Billboard Lights are an excellent choice for retrofit or new billboard applications. LED Billboard and LED Sign Lighting solves the problems of high energy consumption, light pollution (“trespass”) and frequent maintenance. The high output LEDs and custom engineered optics provide highly uniform illumination of various billboard sizes. From edge to edge, your billboard display is brighter, truer and more uniformly illuminated with the energy-efficient LED Billboard lights. Currently used by Lamar Advertising for outdoor advertising.

Significant energy savings are incurred by cutting power consumption by about 80 percent in most cases. The yearly savings on a billboard with four outdoor advertising fixtures could amount to $600 to $1,000 depending on cost per kilowatt. These savings are solely based on energy cost reductions and do not include the reduced maintenance costs from the extended life of the LED fixtures – up to 15 years maintenance-free operation. Regardless of the billboard dimensions, LED Billboard lights modular design will completely illuminate an entire sign, from corner to corner. “The more visible a sign, the more likely it is to get a reaction.”

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LED Billboard Lights Marketplace

LED Billboard Lights

LED Billboard Lights by Rio Tinto

featuring anti-glare optics, multiple beam angles, IP67 rated; up to 43,300 lumens; available in 50/100/150/200/300W; Prices start at $

LED Billboard Lights

LED Billboard Lights Diamond series by Arrlux

Ideal for biilboards, double-stacked billboards and large signs, features a rugged extruded housing; corrosion resistant polyester powder painted; Phillips LEDs; Various Beam Angles; 10 year warranty; IP67; up to 18,000 lumens; Dimensions- 57.70″ x 4.18″ x 4.5″; Available in 90/120/150W. Prices start at $

LED Solar Billboard Lights

LED Solar Billboard Light

5040 lumens @ 36W; IP65 Prices start at $





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