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There is a lot to know and to learn about how to install billboard lights. This is because there are issues with over-exposure, light focus, and the obvious light-drop off that occurs as you move further away from the light source. In fact, many traditional billboard adverts used to take this into account, which is why they rarely had things written over the very top of a billboard, and why the edges rarely contained vital information.

Luckily, these days the way we light billboards is more advanced, so it is less about getting the lighting right, as it is about making the most of your lights. See Advertise the Right Way with LED Billboard Lights

How to Make the Most of Billboard Lights

LED Lights Means More Lights

One of the biggest problems with old-fashioned lighting is that large bulbs would create a massive amount of light that focused on a specific area. They were very power hungry, and very expensive, which means companies had to use them sparingly. This resulted in billboards with over-exposed areas.

These days, LED lights are used. This means a great many lights can be installed as needed. It also means lighting may be spread more evenly, and over-exposed areas need never be a problem again.

Highlight The Edges of Billboards

You can wrap rope lights around a billboard so that they are better highlighted in the dark. In the pitch dark, it makes the edges and corners of a billboard far easier to see. This may not be a problem in some cases, but seeing the edges more clearly allows billboard advertisement designers to be more creative. For example, if your billboard features a road going from left to right, such an image wouldn’t look right in the dark if you used traditional lighting, but if the board is correctly surrounded and highlighted with rope lighting, then the road and its meaning become far more apparent on the billboard.

LED billboard lights

Get Good Quality Lights

As mentioned earlier, traditional billboard lights were expensive and very power-hungry. These days, LED lights use a fraction of the electricity, and they often last longer than traditional lights. However, there are some brands of LED light that expire a little quicker than others. Cheap LED lights have a much shorter life, and the last thing you want to do is have to climb up and change your LED lights every week. Plus, a billboard with missing lights looks cheap, and missing lights often ruin the overall effect of the billboard.

Experiment a Little

Back in the old days, you installed the lights, and if they looked wrong, it was a big job to re-fix them and alter them. Even the alteration of the angle of light was a big job. However, these days, you can switch, move, brighten and dim your lights fairly easily. This means you can experiment with where lights are placed and how they interact with other sources of light in the area. You can experiment more freely and more cheaply, which allows you to get the most out of your billboard lighting. see Get Your Company Noticed with Billboard Lights

If you are looking for effective and efficient billboard lights for your advertisements, then check out the products online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures. There are plenty of lighting options to fit any budget.


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