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The goal of billboard lighting is to light up the advertisements and make them visible. Unfortunately, with the wrong lights used, they can cause glare. Fixtures can spread the light to nearby residences or disrupt humans and animals. And if the light causes glare, it can be dangerous. If it affects the drivers, they can’t respond quickly and properly in the busy traffic. 

Ways to Use Billboards

Make the Most of Advertising with Billboard Lights – There are different kinds of billboards. One is traditional and the other is digital. Both kinds aim to provide lighting to the ad so pedestrians and drivers can read the message. During the night, the billboard needs external light for illumination. Most often, it uses powerful LED floodlights to provide enough lighting. 

The Proper Way to Illuminate Billboard

Illuminating by Itself 

Modern billboards can illuminate themselves. They are called digital billboards because they have lights on the board. A digital billboard can adjust to higher light levels during daytime. At night, though, they may cause glare. If wrong lighting is used, it could cause glare or it could be too bright to read. Some drivers complained about the brightness because they can’t sometimes distinguish directions and traffic conditions. See Milestones in the History of Billboard Lights

Traditional Billboard Lighting

If you’re opting for traditional billboard lighting, you need to ensure that the fixtures won’t spread the light to plants or nearby residences. The use of lighting contrast is typically considered. It’s the difference between the background and object. The human eyes can easily distinguish objects in the background. With lighting contrast, the object will be brighter and the background will be darker. This can offer a better vision. 

Choosing Projecting Light Source 

When choosing a projecting light source, light and color characteristics are considered. Experts don’t recommend using colorful lighting design. The reason for this is that the ad will lose its appeal. The color temperature should also be taken into account. When the temperature is lower than 3000K, it can give the observers a warm feeling as it starts to become reddish. If the temperature exceeds 5000K, the color can give people a cooler feeling. In the summer, it’s highly suggested to use a color temperature below 4000K. 

Ways to Use Billboard Lights

Selecting Lighting Fixtures

Since billboards are placed in public areas, the right lighting fixtures must be installed. They have to be chosen according to the billboard’s material, ambient brightness, and reflectivity. The number of lamps and the light source may be increased or decreased based on the reflection of the surrounding environment and the billboard. 

Unity of Art and Lighting

The lighting must be integrated with the billboard surface to achieve the right lighting and art. To perfectly integrate them, it’s ideal to talk to a lighting designer. They can research and analyze billboards to create a plan and find the right fixtures for the billboards. Get Your Company Noticed with Billboard Lights

If you want your billboards to be the talk of the town without disrupting animals, drivers, and nearby residents, talk to our experts or visit our website, today. LED Pros WorldWide can offer you various options that can be perfect for your billboard project. Call us here at (844) 533-7767



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