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How Do Billboard Lights Work?

Billboard Lights

Billboard lights work by using LEDs. Each dot of color uses a single LED. The brightness in every color depends on what color you wish to create. For instance, red and blue LEDs are lit to create the color purple light. The color white is created by ensuring that red, green, and blue LEDs are […]

The Proper Way to Illuminate Billboard

billboard lights

The goal of billboard lights is to light up the advertisement and make them visible. Unfortunately, with the wrong lights used, they can cause glare. Fixtures can spread the light to nearby residences or disrupt humans and animals. And if the light causes glare, it can be dangerous. If it affects the drivers, they can’t […]

Milestones in the History of Billboard Lights

altech led flood u hfl

Billboard Lights are everywhere – even in the middle of nowhere by the side of a major road. Businesses around the world use them as a way to advertise their products and services to potential customers. Whether it’s advertising the latest soft drink or the newest musical on Broadway, billboards have been around for a […]

Get Your Company Noticed with Billboard Lights

billboard lights

The first and most obvious tip on how to get you billboard noticed is to keep things simple, make sure there is no small writing, and to adorn it with LED billboard lights. The old overhead lights are now extinct. These days, people highlight their billboard’s contents, and edges, with billboard and rope lights. Billboard […]

Make the Most of Advertising with Billboard Lights

led billboard lights

You spent a lot on that new advertising campaign for your office, restaurant, or retail space. You know the billboard you placed outside is vibrant and looks fantastic, but still, people are having trouble seeing it. You might be losing business because of all the people passing it by without any clue about what it […]