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The first and most obvious tip on how to get your billboard noticed is to keep things simple, make sure there is no small writing, and adorn it with Billboard Light Fixtures. The old overhead lights are now extinct. These days, people highlight their billboard’s contents, and edges, with billboard LED lights.

Billboard Light Fixtures and Large Writing 

The sheer number of billboards that make the “Small writing” mistake is nutty. How do they expect people to read all the small writing under the tagline as they are driving? Even people who are walking are not going to stand around to read a paragraph of text on a board. See Milestones in the History of Billboard Lights

With that said, make sure that your lighting is as even as possible. Some people make the mistake of having overly bright spots on their billboards. This makes the text difficult to read to the point where even the weirdos who stand in the street reading the small text are going to have a hard time even seeing what it says.

Get Your Company Noticed with Billboard Lights

At Least One Contrast

Another common mistake is to have a billboard that has blended and/or neutral colors. Your job is not to make the billboard leap out at people, because you do not want it to be offensive to the eyes or the sensibilities. But there is a happy middle ground between colors and elements that seem to mesh, and colors and elements that leap off the board.

Another billboard lighting tip is to not overexpose one area or another. Some people may be tempted to overly highlight the area that is supposed to stand out, which is a mistake. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, you need to expose both contrasting pieces equally with your lighting.

Lights During The Day

During blaring sunshine, you can probably stand to leave the lights off, but in practice, you should consider photo-sensitive lights. That way, on overcast days, misty and miserable days, your Billboard Light Fixtures are still lit up like a happy Christmas tree. See Advertise the Right Way with LED Billboard Lights

Billboard Lights

Some people are tempted to highlight their contact information, and that is fair enough, but remember that the process is trickier than it seems. For example, if your text is white, then directed lights are best as they will reflect the best. On the other hand, other types of light, including warm lights, may fail to highlight your white-text contact information.

What About LED Lights?

There was a trend for having LED lights outside of businesses. However, these days they are a little old hat and are probably only useful for things like vacancy signs in hotels, motels, and Bed & Breakfast establishments. The point of LED lights, even on billboards, is to draw the eye, but where they may draw the eye, they are also very distracting (and often difficult) to read. Plus, the level of detail with LED lighting signs is often basic.

If you are looking for LEDs, then stick with using them as your billboard lights. They are energy efficient, they can be used to create a warm light or a spotlight, and they are far less expensive than most filament lights used in billboards.

Plus, LED lights are far easier to angle, position, and set in place, which means you have far more control over how your billboard looks in low-light situations.  If you are hungry for new lights for your commercial or advertising project, then check out the ranges available at Industrial Lighting Fixtures.



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