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LED Facade Lighting is a premium LED lighting solution architecturally designed to enhance the overall look of the facade of your building. LED facade lighting is outdoor lighting used to enhance architectural detail and illuminate landscape features, casting your business in the best possible light. Applications include; Building Accent Lighting, Building Facade Lighting, Accent Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Security Lighting, Stairwell Lighting, and Flag Pole Lighting. 

The Benefits of an LED Exterior Façade Lighting for Your Business -The impression your business makes is an important one. This goes beyond the quality of the products and services you offer or the excellent customer service you provide. No one will ever find out about those aspects if they fail to notice your location or think less of how your storefront or office building looks. Your goal is to do all you can to draw people to your brick-and-mortar place so that they want to come in and see what you are all about, whether it is day or night. One way to do this is to make sure you have the best fixtures possible for the exterior of your building. There are some excellent benefits to using LED building facade lights so that you can draw more people in your direction. Call for special pricing today toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767) 

LED Facade Lighting

Exterior Facade Lighting-RGB

Exterior Facade Lighting – T400A
RGBW Flood Lights and Wall Washer provides a total of 16 million colors allowing you to get the
exact color; features Remote and APP controls – Two solutions to achieve RGBW dynamic color effects,
including brightness adjustment, speed adjustment; Multiple modes, flash, timing, music color
change mode; available in 50/100/150/200/300/400/600W. LED Pros Choice; Prices start at $

rgb bullet flood

LED Facade Lights – 5BF
RGB Wall washer and Landscape lighting; Color and brightness are controlled through the app or the remote;
DC12V/ DC24V/ AC12V; Available at 22°, 35°, and 57° Excellent thermal management for long life; I
P65 rated for both outdoor and indoor use; ½” NPT threaded arm with locking swivel Available in 6/12/30W; Prices start at $

LED facade up down lighting

Building Facade Lighting – 3099-R series
Round Wall Mount features up and down light; perfect for accent and wall wash lighting;
with a wide light distribution, this wall-mounted fixture will illuminate and accentuate
architectural building details; up to 6,120 lumens; Available in 12/15/20/30/50W. Prices start at $

Building Facade Lighting - Square Up and Down

Building Facade Lighting – 3099-S series
Square Wall Mount features up and down light; features sleek, versatile cylinder profile,
3 optional mountings Wall, Ceiling and Pendant Mount; architectural lighting solution for residential,
hospitality and commercial spaces up to 6,120 lumens; Available in 18/20/25/35/55W. Prices start at $

LED facade flood lighting

Exterior Facade Lighting – TFL series
Special Holiday Inn Green Wall Washer; Building uplighting; up to 7800 Lumens;
available in 30/60W; Additional color choices Red, White, Blue, Amber, Green; 2700-6700K; Prices start at $

oakled LED rgb flood light

LED Wall Washing Lights – Oak
RGB Wall Washer, Building uplighting; Features CREE LEDs; IP66; operating temperature -40 ~ 60C°;
available in 20W/40W/50W/80W,100W200W/; Color Chips; Red, Blue, Green available; Prices start at $


Oakled RGB flood

Outdoor LED Wall Mount Fixtures – Oak 
Featuring Independent control of each color, Compact modular; Beam angle 0,25,40,60, 90 optional;
Intelligent DMX 512 generic dimming; All different colors can be produced in RGB format;
IP66 waterproof; Suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
Available in 100W/120W/240W/300W/400W/480W/500W/600W/720W/900W/1000W.
Prices start at $ 



Brighten Up Your Facade with LED Lighting – Illuminate Your Walls! Light Up Your Building with LED Facade Lighting. Create Visual Impact with LED Wall Washing Flood Lights. Get the Best LED Lighting for Your Facade. Professional Quality Lighting For Any Space. Enhance Your Building with LED Wall Wash Lights. Make Your Building Shine with LED Technology.

LED facade lights and wall washing on commercial buildings have revolutionized the way buildings are illuminated in recent years. The advancements in LED technology have allowed for more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions, making them a popular choice among architects, building owners, and designers.

One of the biggest advantages of LED facade lights is their versatility. These lights can be installed on the exterior of a building to create stunning visual effects, enhance architectural features, and highlight the building’s unique design. With the ability to produce a wide range of colors and various lighting effects, LED facade lights give architects and designers the freedom to create captivating lighting displays that can transform the appearance of a building.

Another popular application of LED lighting on commercial buildings is wall washing. Wall washing involves illuminating the entire surface of a wall with a smooth, even light, creating a visually appealing effect. LED lights are particularly well-suited for this application due to their directional light output and the ability to control the intensity and color of the light.

LED wall washing can be used to highlight architectural features, such as textured walls or unique patterns, adding depth and dimension to the building’s facade. It can also be used to create a dramatic effect by washing the entire wall in a vibrant color, using RGB LED Lights, and setting the mood or theme of the building.

Furthermore, LED wall washing is not limited to just the exterior of commercial buildings. It can also be applied to interior spaces, such as lobbies, atriums, or conference rooms, to create a visually stunning and dynamic environment. The versatility of LED lights allows for endless possibilities in terms of design and creativity.

In conclusion, LED facade lights and wall washing have transformed the way commercial buildings are illuminated. The energy efficiency, long lifespan, and versatility of LED lights make them a popular choice among architects and building owners. Whether it’s to enhance the architectural features or create captivating lighting displays, LED Facade Lighting is the best solution.

oak led rgb lighting wall washing projects


FAQs About LED Facade Lighting

Q1. What types of projects are best suited for LED facade lighting?
A1. LED facade lighting is a good solution for a variety of projects. It is particularly effective for illuminating tall buildings, large walls, and large architectural designs. Projects such as hotels, offices, stores, and malls are some of the most popular uses for LED wall washing, as these types of projects often require a lot of lighting. Additionally, LED facade lighting can be used for other projects such as leisure complexes, luxury apartments, and university buildings.

Q2. What types of wall washing are available for commercial buildings?
A2. There are several types of wall washing available for commercial buildings. Spotlighting involves focusing light on a specific area to create a dramatic effect. Floodlighting creates a softer, more general effect by illuminating an entire wall with a single source of light. Wash washing is a traditional method that uses multiple luminaires placed at different heights to create a more vibrant effect. Finally, grazing is used to create a texture on the walls and create a more dynamic look.

Q3. What kind of structures can benefit from LED facade lighting?
A3. LED facade lighting is perfect for illuminating the facades of office buildings, apartment complexes, retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, and other commercial and residential structures. LED Facade Lighting – The Cost Effective Way to Add Flavor to an Outdoor Setting


LLED wall washing lights


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