An LED facade lighting system is arranged in a way that allows you to light certain areas in a way that casts an ambient light as if it were a spotlight. The idea is that if you were to create ambient lights, then the higher/taller element you were trying to light would appear too dark. On the other hand, if you were to shine a spotlight, then the light would be too focused in the middle. A facade light helps you light an area nicely while making it look like ambient lighting. Facade lighting can be used on the front of buildings, on water features, in gardens, in building yards, and even on road signs.

LED Facade Lighting – The Cost Effective Way to Add Flavor to an Outdoor Setting

How is it Cost-Effective to Have LED Facade Lights?

In the old days, you had two options with your lights. You added lots of smaller lights to create ambient or an even lighting system. Or, you added larger powerful lights, a few at a time, to create spotlight areas. However, now that LED lights exist, you can have a large number of lights, all pumping out plenty of light, and it doesn’t cost you much at all. Whether you choose big and powerful LED lights or small batches of tiny lights, your initial costs are only a fraction of what you would have paid for traditional lights. Plus, the amount you pay to power the lights is tiny when compared with traditional lighting.

How to Add Flavor?

All you have to do is play around with your facade lights to see what best suits your project or your object. Let’s say that you are trying to uplight a large sign, you could add several lights pointing inwards from all directions, or you could add two large lights at the bottom, or one at the top and one at the bottom. How you work your lights is up to you, but because it is easy and cheap, you can play around a little to find what best suits your project.

Now, let’s assume you have a large water feature. You could play around with multiple large lights that cast very dark shadows and that highlights areas very well. Or you could experiment with facade lights that give out more of a warm light, or perhaps a blue-tinted light.

Perhaps you want to light the front of your hotel. You could have lines of powerful lights running along the bottom. They could be used to create a very light area near the floor, and the light dims away slowly and organically as it rises up the building. This could create an atmosphere of elegance and high quality, or you could do the opposite and have the ambient light become dimmer as it reaches the floor to create a more spooky or Gothic look about your hotel front.

Final Thoughts – Experiment a Little

Your gardens, your workspaces, and your commercial areas are going to look different to those you see on the Internet. When you get your lights, experiment a little. You will be surprised at the effects you can create with your LED facade lighting. For all your LED lighting needs, take a look around the inventories listed on Industrial Lighting Call us today to know more (844) 533-7767


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