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LED corn cob light bulbs serve as efficient LED replacement or retrofit lamps for various types of light fixtures, including HID, HPS, Incandescent, and CFL. These bulbs are an economical and reliable option for replacing traditional light sources in post-top lights, street lights, wall packs, security lighting, and high bay applications. With their 360-degree beam angle, LED corn bulbs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, capable of replacing up to a 400W HID or HPS light bulb.

LED Corn Bulbs

Brand: Beyond
features 0-10V Dimmable;
Adjustable wattage;  UL DLC
IP64; Up to 28,400 Lumens;
(18/27/36), E39 (36/54/63W)
(80)/100/120W)/ and (150/170/
200W); Prices start at $95.

LED Corn Bulbs

Brand: Euri
new New-generation LED corn
bulbs are color-tunable as well
as wattage tunable; 3 wattages
of 80/100/120W;
Prices start at $95.

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

Brand: Ledreit
Adjustable Lamps for all outdoor
and indoor fixtures; installed with
the base up or base down; Can
adjust any beam angle needed;
2700K-6700K; Amber / Green color
for wildlife protection; 18,000
lumens; 20/30/40/50/60/80
100/120W; Prices start at $45.

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

Brand: Ledreit
Ideal replacement light bulb for
parking lot lighting, low bay
lighting, canopy, wall packs;
up to 25,000 lumens;  5700K;
Approved for enclosed fixtures;
IP65; DLC; 15/20/30/40/50
Prices start at $45.

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

Brand: Ledreit
up to 10,400 lumens @ 80W;
Approved for enclosed fixtures;
IP65; DLC listed;
Prices start at $55.

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

Brand: Ledreit
Ideal replacement light bulb for
post top, acorn, lanterns; 5700K;
up to 10,400 lumens; IP65; DLC;
Approved for enclosed fixtures; 
available in 30/40/50/60/80W.
Prices start at $55.

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

Brand: Ledsion
IP64 waterproof rating;
UL, cUL, DLC certificate;
Internal Driver; 360 degree
LED corn light, E26/E39;
replaces 60-400W MH
up to 19,500 lumens @ 150W;
30/40/ 60/80/100/120/150W.
Prices start at $85. 

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

Brand: Ledsion
Up, Down Corn 
LED light bulbs
with E39 mogul base designed
for retrofit base-up fixtures,
great for parking lot lights;
up to 9,600 lumens @ 150W; 
Available in 30/40/ 60/80W.
Prices start at $75. 


ED Corn Cob Light Bulbs


Things To Know About LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs

LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs are a type of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) replacement lamp that provides a more efficient alternative to traditional incandescent lamps. They are designed to be a direct replacement for traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. LED Corn Bulbs are ideal for a variety of commercial and residential applications, including but not limited to warehouses, factories, and parking garages. Also as a retrofit replacement for outdoor applications like post-top lights, street lights, wall packs, and security lighting.

You can find these LED corn bulbs in different electrical lamp bases, such as E26 (US Medium), E27 (Europe Standard), E39 (US Mogul), or E40 (Europe Goliath). They are specifically designed to provide omnidirectional lighting, making them an ideal choice for replacing or retrofitting traditional HID, HPS, metal halide, and CFL lamps.

When retrofitting an enclosed fixture, review the above lamp dimensions and confirm the lamp has enough space for heat dissipation. Doing so will ensure lumen maintenance and extend its working life. When LED corn cob lamps are used in outdoor fixtures, the fixture has to be waterproof (IP65) and well-ventilated. Reminder to disconnect or bypass the ballast in the existing fixture when installing LED Corn Cob light bulbs.

The unique design of LED Corn Cob Light Bulbs offers many advantages for those looking to reduce energy consumption. Their directional light output sends light farther than traditional lamps, and they consume significantly less energy than other lighting technologies. Additionally, LED Corn Light Bulbs are designed to last much longer than traditional lamps, meaning they require fewer replacements. Finally, LED Corn Bulbs are designed to be a retrofit solution that requires minimal installation and can often be used in existing lighting fixtures. see also LED Retrofit Kits

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