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Your parking lot must be properly illuminated, especially at night. Unfortunately, a well-lit parking lot means more energy consumption that can increase your energy bill. Have you thought of replacing your current fixtures with LED parking lot lights

Understanding LED Parking Lot Lights 

They are light fixtures that use light-emitting diode (LED) technology, which is known to offer better quality light without consuming a lot of energy. More and more commercial property owners are opting to use LED lights in their parking lots because of their benefits.  See Mall Parking Lot Lights

Help the Environment by Choosing LED Lights for Your Parking Lot

Reduce Costs with LED Parking Lot Lights

Compared to conventional lights, LED lights entail lower energy and maintenance costs. The LED light can have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours. In that case, you just need to replace them every 5 years or 25 years, depending on how you use them. Because they can last longer, manufacturers will have fewer bulbs to produce. When it comes to the environment, less is more. Since they only need to be replaced every few years, it means fewer resources are needed for manufacturing and packing them. 

70% More Energy Efficient

Great Benefits from LED Parking Lot Lighting. Compared to HID lights, they are 70% more energy efficientWhat does it mean to your business? It means you can save thousands of dollars on your power bill. The less energy they use, the more positive their impact is on the environment. When you choose LED lighting for your parking lot, you can save the planet you’re living in while you save money in the process. 

No Toxic Chemicals

Another reason LED lights are way more environment-friendly than fluorescent tube lights is that LEDs don’t contain toxic chemicals. And they don’t include mercury. In that case, when you need to dispose of them, there won’t be toxic elements leaching out to contaminate the environment. However, you still need to dispose of them properly by sending them to specialist waste carriers. Even so, LED lights are a lot safer than their conventional counterparts. 

Find the Right LED Lighting Options for your Parking Lot

Make the Switch Now 

If you have decided to switch to LED lights for your parking lot, you need to hire experienced electricians to replace the old lights with the new LED lights. It’s not a complicated process, though. However, replacing the lights and fixtures isn’t a DIY job. On the other hand, if there are no existing lights in your parking lot, then it’s time for you to add some.

Opt to use brand new LED lights and take advantage of the savings that LED lights have to offer. It doesn’t matter how small your parking lot is. LED Pros Worldwide has all the solutions that can surely work for your situation.  See Top 5 LED Parking Lot Lights

Find the Right LED Lighting Options for your Parking Lot 

LED lights are available in various colors and dimming capabilities. Visit us online at Industrial Lighting Fixtures or Call LED Pros Worldwide at (844) 533-7767. 



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