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Dual Head Emergency Light - EML01 Series

From $100

Product Overview

The Ledsion EML01 Series Dual Head Emergency Light is a versatile and reliable emergency lighting solution designed for commercial and industrial environments. This compact yet powerful unit features adjustable ultra-bright white LED lamp heads that provide essential illumination during power outages or emergency situations. Engineered for durability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation, the EML01 Series is an ideal choice for facility managers and business owners looking to enhance safety while meeting compliance requirements.


Key Features

– Dual adjustable ultra-bright white LED lamp heads

– 2 x 1.2W lamp configuration delivering 205 lumens

– Injection-molded thermoplastic ABS housing with UL-94V-0 flame rating

– Wide input voltage range for versatile installation

– Long-lasting, maintenance-free Nickel Cadmium battery

– 90-minute emergency operation (standard model)

– Compact design suitable for various mounting locations


Certifications and Compliance

– UL and CUL listed (LS-EML012 model)

– Meets relevant emergency lighting standards

– Fire-resistant construction


Technical Specifications

– Input Voltage: 120-277V (LS-EML012 model)

– Power Consumption: 2W max

– Output: 2.4W max

– Battery: 3.6V Nickel Cadmium

– Charging Time: 24 hours

– Emergency Operation: 90 minutes (LS-EML012 model)

– Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

– Dimensions: 260.8 x 105 x 59.2mm


– Office buildings

– Retail spaces

– Educational institutions

– Healthcare facilities

– Hospitality venues

– Industrial warehouses

– Public buildings

– Any commercial space requiring emergency lighting


Customization Options

– Model variations:

  – LS-EML012: 120/277V, 90-minute duration (UL, CUL certified)

  – LS-EML012D: 110-240V, 180-minute duration

  – LS-EML012COB: 110-240V, 180-minute duration



3-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

To order, use the following model numbers based on your requirements:

– LS-EML012: Standard model, UL and CUL certified

– LS-EML012D: Extended duration model

– LS-EML012COB: Extended duration model with COB LED technology


Installation and Maintenance

– Easy installation with included mounting hardware

– Low maintenance requirements due to long-lasting LED technology

– 24-hour initial charging period required before first use


Why Choose the Ledsion EML01 Series?
  1. Reliability: Engineered for consistent performance in emergency situations
  2. Efficiency: LED technology for lower energy consumption and reduced operational costs
  3. Versatility: Adjustable lamp heads for customized light direction
  4. Durability: Fire-resistant housing ensures longevity in demanding environments
  5. Compliance: UL and CUL listed models available for peace of mind


Additional Features

– Compact design ideal for spaces with limited mounting options

– Quick and easy installation process

– Suitable for damp locations within specified temperature range


Enhance your facility’s emergency preparedness with the Ledsion EML01 Series Dual Head Emergency Light. This cost-effective solution offers a perfect balance of functionality, compliance, and reliability for your commercial or industrial setting.


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