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Emergency exit signs are necessary. They facilitate safe evacuation in case of emergencies. For instance, if there’s a fire or natural disaster that leaves the buildings without power, the signs must remain illuminated. In this way, people inside the building will be guided to a safe place. 

Guiding People to Safety During an Emergency with Exit Signs

Exit Signs That Stay Lit

According to the Division of Occupational Safety Programming, “Section 29 CFR 1910.37(q)(6), requires that exit signs in occupied workplaces be illuminated from a reliable external light source which provides a minimum of 5-foot candles on the sign surface. Electrical power supply from a public utility company is considered to be reliable. The exit sign surface may be passive, electrical internally illuminated, luminescent, fluorescent, reflective, or radioactive isotope self-energized.” Thus, your building should have emergency signs powered by a stand-alone system. In that way, if there’s a power failure, they stay lit. read Emergency LED Exit Signs

Vital Part of Security and Safety 

If you own a building, you need to ensure the safety of the people inside. Emergency signs are vital for the security of the property and the safety of the people. You can’t compromise their visibility. Thus, make sure that you only choose high-end exit lights. Opt for light fixtures that have been designed and tested to meet the high standards that are required of them. See LED Explosion Proof Exit Signs

Should You Test the Lights? 

Yes, it’s necessary to test the lights every month for half a minute and yearly for more than an hour. If you’re using a battery-powered exit sign, testing the lights can contribute to the battery’s maintenance. Talk to the lighting fixture expert to know how to properly maintain the lights of the exit signs to ensure that they remain compliant with the law. 

Exit Signs That Stay Lit

Illuminating the Path to Safety 

To protect your patrons who are inside your enclosed building, you need to make sure that every exit is marked by exit signs. Keep in mind that people can’t think logically in an emergency. Even if they have been visiting or working in the same building for many years, they may not find an exit if the room is dark. Sure, there are emergency lights. But people can’t differentiate where a wall ends. For that reason, you need to provide exit signs that can communicate what the message is all about. In addition to the word “exit,” it’s also important to include a pictogram. 

Where to Find Lights for Your Exit Signs? 

Lights are crucial in your exit signs. If they are not illuminated properly and they don’t stay lit, you’re endangering the lives of the people inside your building. Thus the lighting fixtures and lights must have high standards. LED Pros offers a solution-focused lighting system. Our company offers different light sources for industrial lighting fixtures that can be used in healthcare, offices, schools, and other commercial buildings. Talk to us today to know more about our lighting solutions: (844) 533-7767



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