E27 Replacment Bulb For ZL Low Intensity Obstacle Lights

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Product Overview

The ZL-E27 is an integrated LED bulb designed for use in low-intensity obstruction lights. These versatile and energy-efficient LED replacement bulbs are ideal for marking structures and obstacles in aviation environments, providing reliable and long-lasting illumination.


Key Features

– High Power SMD LEDs for bright, consistent light output

– Long lifespan of 100,000 hours

– Adjustable working mode: steady burning or flashing

– Built-in photosensor for automatic operation

– Universal voltage compatibility (AC and DC)

– E27 base for easy installation and replacement

– Lightweight and durable aluminum construction

– User-adjustable smart control panel


Technical Specifications

– Light Color: Red

– Light Intensity Options: 10cd, 32cd, 50cd

– Flash Frequency: 40 fpm (default), other frequencies available upon request

– Operating Voltage: AC85V to AC265V and DC12V to DC60V

– Power Consumption:

  – 2W (10cd model)

  – 3W (32cd model)

  – 5W (50cd model)

– Base Type: E27

– Weight: 0.3kg


Aviation obstruction lighting

– Telecommunication towers

– Wind turbines

– Tall buildings and structures

– Cranes and construction equipment

– Any application requiring low-intensity obstacle marking


Customization Options

– Light intensity selection (10cd, 32cd, 50cd)

– Flash frequency customization available upon request

– Adjustable working mode (steady burning or flashing)



2-year limited warranty

Ordering Information

To order the ZL-E27 LED Integrated Bulbs, please specify:

  1. Desired light intensity (10cd, 32cd, or 50cd)
  2. Any custom flash frequency requirements (if different from the default 40 fpm)


Additional Information

– Smart control panel allows users to easily switch between steady burning and flashing modes

– Universal voltage compatibility eliminates the need for separate AC and DC models

– Integrated design combines LED light source and control circuitry in one compact unit

– Suitable for use in various ZL series low-intensity obstacle lights.


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