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ZL-CB Obstruction Lights Control Box-Mdium intensity type

From $500

Product Overview

The ZL-CB Obstruction Lights Control Box is a sophisticated control system designed to manage and monitor obstruction lighting on tall structures. This versatile unit is suitable for controlling various types of obstruction lights, including medium intensity, low intensity, and dual-type fixtures, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with aviation safety standards.


Key Features

– MCU-operated control circuit for precise management

– Built-in surge protection for harsh environmental conditions

– Work/Failure indicator lamps on panel for easy monitoring

– Adjustable flash frequency (20-60 FPM)

– Automatic, Manual ON, and Manual OFF operation modes

– Failure alarm and indicator signal on panel

– Weather-resistant construction (IP65 rated)


Technical Specifications

– Operating Voltage: 100V~240V AC or 48V DC

– Housing Material:

  – AC type: High-quality steel

  – DC type: Cast aluminum

– Finish: UV stabilized spray coating (AC voltage type)

– Lightning Protection Level: 15KA

– IP Rating: IP65

– Weight: 5KG

– Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C

– Wind Speed Resistance: 80m/s


– Control of medium intensity obstruction lights

– Management of low intensity obstruction lights

– Regulation of dual-type obstruction lights

– Suitable for tall structures such as:

  – Telecommunication towers

  – Wind turbines

  – High-rise buildings

  – Chimneys

  – Transmission towers


Customization Options

– Standard 4-way output, with 8 outputs available upon request

– DC (30V~60V) power supply option with photocell

– AC (100~240V) power supply option with photocell



2-year warranty


Ordering Information

To order the ZL-CB Obstruction Lights Control Box, please specify:

  1. Desired input voltage (AC or DC)
  2. Number of outputs required (4 or 8)
  3. Any additional customization needs


 Additional Information

– Automatic mode: Lights operate based on ambient light conditions

– Manual ON mode: Forces lights on, overriding photocell function

– Manual OFF mode: Forces lights off

– Overall size varies depending on type and functions

– Compatible with various obstruction light models

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