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Low-intensity FAA L810 Single-Obstruction Light-AH-LI-B2

From $200

Product Overview

The AH-LI-B2 is a high-performance, low-intensity aviation obstruction light designed for marking structures up to 45 meters in height. This steady-burning LED FAA L-810 light provides reliable and efficient obstruction marking for various applications, enhancing safety in aviation environments.


Key Features

– High-power CREE LED technology for bright, consistent illumination

– 360-degree horizontal light output

– Built-in photocell for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation

– Adjustable flash characteristics (steady-burning/20/30/60 FPM)

– Universal voltage compatibility (DC and AC options)

– IP66 waterproof rating for all-weather performance

– Integrated surge and lightning protection

– Bird deterrent spike

– Easy installation with 3/4 inch pipe thread mounting


Certifications and Compliance

– ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, Seventh edition, 2016, table 6.3 Low Intensity Type A / B / E Obstacle Light

– FAA L-810

– CAAC MH6012-2015 Aviation obstruction light, MH 5001—2013 Aerodrome technical standards


Technical Specifications

– Light Source: 3 high-power CREE LEDs

– Light Color: Red

– Intensity: ≥32.5cd (Type B), other options available (10cd, 100cd, etc.)

– Vertical Divergence: ≥10 degrees

– Operating Voltage: DC (12V, 48VDC) or AC (110-240VAC)

– Power Consumption: 2.5W

– LED Lifespan: >100,000 hours

– Operating Temperature: -40°C to 75°C

– Wind Speed Resistance: 130m/s

– Dimensions: Φ90×130mm

– Weight: 0.3kg


– High-rise buildings

– Telecommunication towers

– Wind turbines

– Chimneys

– Tower cranes

– Any obstacle under 45m requiring aviation marking


Customization Options

– Flashing rate options: Steady, 20FPM, 30FPM, 60FPM

– NVG (Night Vision Goggles) compatible LED

– Dry contact alarm (NO COM NC) for remote monitoring

– GPS sync flashing

– IOT remote monitoring capabilities

– Solar power system integration

– Custom mounting bracket sizes



2-year warranty


Ordering Information

Use the following configuration guide to specify your desired options:

AH-LI-B2-[Power Input]-[Flash Rate]-[Lens Color]-[Photocell]-[Alarm]-[GPS Sync]-[Control]

Example: AH-LI-B2-110-240Vac&48dc-Steady-Red-Built-in-No Alarm-NO SYNC-Used alone


Additional Information

– Product Life Expectancy: 10 years Plus

– No screw fix type – twist cover for secure attachment

– High translucency and anti-UV polycarbonate cover with 3-5 years use without yellowing

– UV protection powder-coated bright yellow color base for better visibility and longevity


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