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Medium Intensity-Type A;-Obstruction Lights-L-865 CM

From $300

Product Overview

The L-865 CM Series White LED Medium Intensity Beacon is a state-of-the-art obstruction lighting solution designed for 24-hour marking of structures that pose potential aviation hazards. This compact, efficient, and low-consumption beacon offers robust performance and maintenance-free operation, making it an ideal choice for various tall structures requiring day and night visibility.


Key Features

– High-quality LED technology with 100,000 hours lifespan

– 360° horizontal light output with 5° vertical beam spread

– Low power consumption (30 Watts average)

– Internal single-chip computer control for smart and reliable operation

– Integrated surge protection device (10KA lightning protection level)

– Portable and lightweight design for easy transportation and installation

– Wide input voltage range (100V~250V AC, 50/60Hz)

– UV stabilized finish for enhanced durability

– IP65 rated for weather protection


Certifications and Compliance

– ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, 6th Edition, July 2013

– ICAO Aerodromes Design Manual, Chapter 18

– FAA AC150/5345-43G

– FAA Engineering Brief 67 Specifications

– Certified to ICAO compliant by Intertek

– Compliant with ICAO medium intensity type A

– Compliant with FAA L-865 and L-866 types


Technical Specifications

– Operating Voltage: 100V~250V AC, 50Hz/60Hz

– Flash Rate: 20 to 60 flashes per minute (pre-set in factory)

– Color: White

– Photocell Sensitivity: 100 Lux

– Housing Material: Cast aluminum with PC lens cover

– Dimensions: φ26.8cm × 20.6cm (φ10.5″ × 8.1″)

– Mounting Size: 16.6cm × 16.6cm – 4 × M10

– Weight: 7KG

– Operating Temperature: -40°C to 60°C

– Wind Speed Resistance: 80m/s


– High-rise buildings

– Chimneys

– Telecommunication towers

– Transmission power towers

– Airports

– Wind turbines

– Crane machines

– Any tall structure requiring 24-hour aviation obstruction marking


Customization Options

– Flash rate: 40 or 60 FPM

– Synchronization method: Standard (00), Signal cable controlled (SC), or GPS

– Housing finish color: Yellow or Blue

– Sensor control: Integrated or External

– Monitoring: Optional control panel for failure monitoring and control functions



2-year limited warranty


Ordering Information

Use the following format to specify your desired configuration:

Type-[Flash FPM]-[Lamp]-[Synchronized Method]-[Housing Finish Color]-[Sensor Control]-[Monitor]

Example: 15/Type A-F40-AC-SC-Y-I-CP


Additional Information

– Available in flashing or fixed mode

– Chromaticity compliant with ICAO standards

– Detailed photometric data available upon request

– Optional control panel (CP) for advanced monitoring and control functions


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