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Every year, sea turtles are affected by electric lighting installed on beachfront properties. Lights may be necessary to humans for safety reasons. However, this method of providing a safe environment for humans can disrupt wildlife. The new understanding of how it affects turtles is the reason many commercial establishments situated along the coastline are now choosing turtle friendly amber lighting

The Effect of Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting 

Sea turtles use the position of the moon as they come ashore to lay their eggs. They avoid going to beaches that are bathed in light. Unfortunately, with so many lights in the parking lots, hotels, and streets, turtles find it difficult to find a dark spot to lay their eggs. As a result, they avoid laying eggs or nesting under artificial light at night (ALAN). 

With turtle friendly amber lighting, it minimizes the ecological disruptions on the decreasing sea turtle species because of light pollution. Learn about at Dark Sky Friendly Compliance. LED Pros Worldwide has lighting solutions, including low wattage amber lighting with proper shielding that helps hatchlings in navigating their way to the shore to nest. Our luminaries protect the environment while providing energy-saving solutions for many years to come. 

True Amber LED Lights That Protect Coastal Habitats

What are the Criteria for Wildlife Lighting? 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission created different criteria to protect wildlife. One of them is to “Use long wavelength (greater than 560 nm AND absent wavelengths below 560 nm) light sources such as amber, orange, or red LEDs without the use of filters, gels, or lenses. Using long wavelength light sources is less disruptive to marine turtles than white or multi-colored lights.”

Why Choose Amber LEDs? 

Because sea turtles are less affected by lighting within certain wavelengths, you must choose lights that meet the criteria. Amber LEDs are less disruptive because of their long-wavelength lighting. They don’t produce white light that contains blue content. With such a lighting solution, baby hatchlings won’t get confused when they need to go to the water. The nests hatched won’t be disoriented because of the lights from the shoreline buildings. Amber LEDs are low-glare. They are also shielded to prevent confusion. 

What are the Criteria for Wildlife Lighting?

Follow Guidelines

Our lighting outdoor products follow the guidelines established by the FWC. We offer turtle-friendly amber LEDs and various lumen packages for street and roadway lighting. Our light technology utilizes true monochromatic amber LEDs to ensure they are less visible to turtles and other wildlife because of their light wavelengths. We no longer use phosphor-converted LEDs that you can find in other amber lights. Instead, we provide lights that won’t disrupt local wildlife. 

What to do Next? 

If you’re looking for a lighting solution and want to help sea turtles and other wildlife, the next thing you can do is consult us. Visit industrial lighting fixtures and learn about the turtle friendly lighting solutions you can install around your property. Contact us today to get a free consultation: (844) 533-7767. 



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