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What is Considered Commercial Industrial Lighting?

Commercial Industrial Lighting

Commercial industrial lighting is a type of lighting being used in hotels, retail shops, warehouses, and restaurants, among others. The outdoor lighting used in public street lamps and bridges, for instance, is also considered commercial-grade lighting.  How Does Commercial Industrial Lighting Differ from Residential Lighting?  The main difference between these two is the price. Residential […]

What are the Rules to Follow When Installing Commercial Industrial Lighting?

commercial industrial lighting

Business owners know that the right commercial industrial lighting is a vital part of retail space. In a retail location, the light being used must achieve a certain goal while it ensures that it offers a pleasant experience for the customers.  What are the Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Industrial Lighting?  Color Temperature  The […]

Replacing Refrigerated and Freezer Cases with a More Energy Efficient System

Cooler door lighting

The supply of the materials used to make old fluorescent lamps is going down the drain. As a business person, you must consider improving your business’s lighting to a more energy-efficient system. For your refrigerator and freezer display lighting, consider LED cooler door lights.  Why Opt for LED Cooler Door Lights?  LED lighting system offers […]

The Pros and Cons of Modern Industrial Lighting Fixtures

modern industrial lighting fixtures

The world of modern industrial lighting fixtures is a little more complex and diverse than it used to be. On the one hand, we have lighter materials, better machining, and far superior lighting options in terms of how LED light bulbs save money and don’t require lots of changes or investment to install. On the […]

Heliport Lighting Market Will Grow At 4.31% CAGR During 2021-2025

heliport lighting market

The heliport lighting market is set to grow by 4.31% CAGR during 2021-2025, which translates into a reasonable 18.93 million USD. This is not based on trends but is mostly based on current drivers and challenges. It turns out that the biggest driver of heliport lights market growth is the diversified way in which heliports […]

What Wattage for Outdoor Flood Lights Is Best?

industrial outdoor LED flood lights

The wattage depends on what you intend to use the lights for. If you are trying to create a mood within a beer garden, then smaller and dimmer lights would be needed than if you were looking to light a courtyard with industrial outdoor LED flood lights. Though there are no absolute rules for wattage […]

Can LED Light Strips Be Waterproof?

commercial outdoor LED strip lights

If you are dealing with commercial outdoor LED light strips, then it is almost a guarantee that they will be water-resistant. However, most LED lights are not waterproof. Water resistant means that you can leave it out in the rain and maybe in partial puddles for days and it functions normally. Waterproof means you can […]

Reasons to Use LEDs in Your Warehouse

industrial lighting

LEDs are all the rage these days. They have pretty much replaced most alternatives, with the exception of strip lights and even fluorescent strip lights are becoming less popular as companies discover the value of LED lighting. With that in mind, if you are undecided about LED lights being used for your own industrial lighting, […]

What Is Difference Between Flameproof And Explosion Proof

LED explosion proof lighting

Contrary to how it seems, when LED lights are flameproof or explosion proof, they are not built to withstand these disasters. They are built to avoid them. At the very least, they are built so that they are not the cause of fires or explosions. Here is a little more you should probably know about […]

Which Solar Lighting Solutions Will Suit My Industrial Setting?

industrial lighting products

Are industrial settings really the place for solar-powered products? In truth, solar-powered lights are becoming more popular around the world, and not for the reasons you think. They do save on electricity bills and such, but the real reason is that they are so portable. Being able to move whole lighting sections from one place […]