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Contrary to how it seems, when LED lights are flameproof or explosion proof, they are not built to withstand these disasters. They are built to avoid them. At the very least, they are built so that they are not the cause of fires or explosions. Here is a little more you should probably know about LED explosion proof lighting.

Explosion Proof Lighting

The point of LED explosion proof lighting is not to withstand an explosion. The point of it is to stop an explosion from happening. When these types of lights are certified, they are checked to ensure they do not cause explosions in two major ways.

The first way is through internal sparks. Explosion proof LEDs will not create sparks that may be exposed to explosive substances. For example, if you flooded an area with natural gas, the explosion proof LED lights would not create a small spark internally, in that they wouldn’t ignite the gas by causing a spark.

The other way that explosion proof LED lights help avoid explosions is through the regulation of their outer temperature. Your lights will not heat up the outside of their strip light casing. Specifically, they will not heat up enough to cause any sort of ignition. With your lights built to avoid sparks and avoid heating up too much, they are ready to take on even the most potentially explosive environments. See Uses of Explosion Proof Lighting LED

What Is Difference Between Flameproof And Explosion Proof

Intrinsically Safe Lighting

When you buy LED lighting from reputable traders, you are buying intrinsically safe lighting. Since LED lights are electrical equipment, their sale is governed by a slew of safety laws. People cannot legally sell lights they have cobbled together themselves. They need certificates, permits, licenses, and all sorts of legal materials in order to sell their goods on the market. See Where Is Explosion Proof Lighting Needed

There are lights that can withstand fires. In fact, many of them are in high demand from people like building designers and contractors who are required to use LED Explosion Proof High Bay Lighting, all the way to airplane manufacturers who add them to planes to direct people out of the door during fires and emergencies.

Some lights are safer than others, especially when you consider the wildly different types of environments each has to endure. However, each has a level of safety. Each has a baseline that cannot be crossed, and that baseline is called being intrinsically safe. Your lights may or may not be able to withstand a fire, but your intrinsically safe lights will never be the cause of fire unless they are damaged. That is why they are called intrinsically safe. See Are LED lights explosion proof?

LED High Temperature High Bay Lighting

Should You Buy Both?

When people talk about flameproofing, they are talking about intrinsically safe LED strip lighting. If you are buying from a reputable trader, such as LED Pros World Wide. Then all of your fixtures should be intrinsically safe. It should be pretty flameproof up to an acceptable level. Whether you need fireproof lighting or LED explosion proof lighting, check out Industrial Lighting Fixtures and discover a whole new world of safe LED lighting.


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